I kissed a girl

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Melanie: I kissed a girl and I liked it!

Nadia: ok Katy Perry we know lol

Melanie: I'm serious! Jay kissed me in the bathroom lol

Nadia: omg I'm calling you right now!

A second later Nadia FaceTime requested me and I quickly answered to hear her shrieking in joy.

"Omggggggggg! When was this!?" She squealed and as she flopped onto her bed holding her favorite nail polish bottle.

" It was right after lunch! You know how I always check myself in the bathroom before last block and I was like 'do you want some gum?' and she was all like 'I want the one in your mouth' and she pulled me close and kissed me! it was like magic"

"Awwwwwww" Nadia replied smiling "look at you crushing on her!"

"Whatever" I said not being able to wipe the smile off my face

"When are you two going to start going out all y'all do is flirt you act like a couple might as well make it official"

"I don't know Nadia I have never even thought of dating a girl I don't even know how to act towards her....."

"But you know I have... I could help you if you needed any"

" I haven't even had sex with a boy how am I suppose to know what to do with a girl?"

"Whoa whoa whoa!!!! Why are you thinking about sex!? You just met her!"

" I know but she is extremely freaky and I don't even know the start of what to do..."

"Just take things a step at a time."

"Oooooo I have a FaceTime request from her! Sorry bye!" I said hanging up on Nadia to answer Jay's.

"Sup?" Jay said flashing me a gorgeous smile.

"Heyyyyy" I said smiling right back

"Damn your so cute" she said smiling I could tell she was staring at me so I turned the camera before I started to blush.

"Come oooonnnnn" she said smiling "let me see that beautiful face"

I giggled "I will right after you stop making me blush"

"You have a really cute laugh" she said laying back on her bed holding up her phone with one hand and the other disappeared as she laid with her head resting back on her folded arm.

I turned the camera back on me "whatever"

She laughed "don't whatever me"

"Whatevvveeerrrr" I sung making her laugh more.

"Let's finish playing 21 questions" I instantly bit my lip.

"Okay, you first" I said willing to try.

"Did you enjoy that kiss?"

As soon as she asked that I got a huge smile on my face.

"Yes I did"

She smiles and licked her lips

Damn she's so sexy

"If I'm not sure that I like girls would you still give this relationship a try?" I asked

Ive been thinking about that for a while, I knew she would get tired of being a secret

"I'm willing to try if you are. I really really like you as long as you were my girl I would be willing to work things out..... Can i see your room?"

"Sure!"I hopped up always happy to show off my room because me and my mom painted my walls together. They are all glittery gold and my floors are white wood I have a slide door closet and the closet door is a big mirror and I have a white dresser and my bed is a big canopy bed with cheetah print drapes.

"Wow your room is awesome, I'm going to have to stay the night sometime" she winked

"No ma'am I know how freaky you are"

"But yet you have never told me to stop oh and don't think I didn't see what your wearing" she said biting her lip "those shorts look hella nice on you"

She chuckled at me as I blushed pulling my covers over me

"What are you doing?" I asked not knowing what to ask

"Talking to the most beautiful girl I have ever seen"

"Why must you play with my emotions!?" I giggled

"Oh I'm not playing I'm being as
straight forward as I can get... Well actually I can be a little more direct.. Will you be my my girlfriend ?"

My heart started pounding.

"Yes" I said biting my lip but it didn't help because I was smiling to hard

"Well it's official I just made you mine"

"You sure did" I blushed looking into her eyes.

"Damn I wish we were in person so I could kiss you "

I was about to respond until I saw Aaron standing in my door way watching me quietly.

"Hey Aaron, sorry jay hold up I'll be back"

I muted myself

"How was school today?"

"The boy tried to make me go down the colored slide today."

My brother hates things that start with the letter 'p'. The sound of them makes him feel Sick even looking at the things that starts with p makes him feel sick.

What he meant was Philip his classmate tried to play with him at the purple slide but of course he wouldn't be able to say that.

"Awwww that's okay do you feel happy today?"

"Today is a good day. I'm wearing orange. Tangerine orange."

Aaron's favorite color is orange it helps him calm down. He actually knows the name of every shade and tint of orange.

"Well that is very good, are you hungry?"


"Go ask mom to make you a snack"

"Okay" he left the room and I closed the door quickly before jumping onto the bed so I could talk to my new girlfriend.

"Hi baby.. I'm sorry I mean hi beautiful"

"It's okay" I smiled "you can call me baby "

"Good because I was going to do it anyway" she smiled.... "Who's Aaron?"

"He's my little brother"

"I should come over sometime and me and him can shoot some hoops"

"Actually no, he does not like sports "

"Oh well I'm sure I can find something in common with him"

"I'm not so sure about that ms. Ijustwantanexcusetocomeoverandgetfreaky


She laughed "whatever...baby"

We talked until late at night again I actually didn't remember hanging up.

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