Nine: Paranoia Avenue

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"I told you to stop saying that name ! " He roared at me. The demonic sound was prominent when he spoke as if it was a demon controlling his actions.

"I don't want to hurt you" He spoke harshly. I could hear his voice coming closer. I shifted my body weakly away from the unknown person.

I couldn't see who i was dealing with.

I didn't know who it was.

But i was scared.

My pulse quickened as i felt hands caressing my already bruised cheek.

"God, Your so beautiful once i get to touch you " He whispered sending firey chills down my spine.

Its hand or ...paws felt human. Was he human ?

"It's complicated baby " He whispered huskily. I opened my eyes trying to see him. I saw othing but darkness and misty smoke.

"Can i ask you something ?"

"I will answer anything darling" I cringed at the petname for me.

"Why am i here ?"

He stayed quiet but i could here him grunt.

"Why can't i see you ? And wh-"

"Your asking too much questions" He barked at me.

"But you didn't answer any of mine"

His Grunts gets louder and louder. His hands are wrapped around my neck and i was pressed against the burning wall.

I screamed in agony as i felt the burning iron eating my burning skin.

His hands feel different as his nails dug into my neck. I felt my blood oozing out my neck.

It all felt familiar.

It was just like my dream but ten times worse.

I cried out another cry . I could barely hear myself as i practically felt my own flesh tissue against the fiery iron wall.

"Stop" I said but it comes out of a whisper.

"Why cant you just hush up and be a good girl ?." He yelled. " When will you learn that this isn't a dream !"

I didn't understand how he could hear my thoughts ?

Was he a mind reader. I thought.

All these thoughts ran through my mind. Even thoughts of getting revenge.

His hands against my neck only grew tighter as he laughed.

"You ideas are quite amusing " He said darkly.

My vision is blurry but it doesn't matter cause i couldn't see a thing. I could barely breathe. He's blocking my airways.

He soon dropped me down to the ground as i struggled for air. I hiccuped due to fear and the sobbed because i was so scared.

I didn't know what to do.

What could i do ?

"W-What you want from me" I whispered not being able to make myself audible.

He chuckled again.

I heard footsteps walking towards to me.

Each walk pounded my ears. I hissed at the pain as he finally came close enough to stop.

I heard him crouch down but i still don't see anything.

"Oh Skylar don't you understand ?" He spoke before laughing at my stupid ness .

The smoke in the room started to join together.

My eyes widened remembering the last time this happened.


This cant happening. I thought to myself.

The blist of smoke rearranged into jigsaw pieces fixing itself into eyes...

No no no !

My heart beated faster as the familiar eyes i had been dreading comes to life. The eyes that had made me stop sleeping for weeks, The same eyes that distanced me from my friends finally comes to life.

Those bright golden eyes were looking directly at me.

"I want You" it whispered as i see it's eyes twinkling in delight.

I felt bile rising up my stomach.

I closed my eyes tightly not wanting to believe whats happening.

This was the beast of my nightmares.

Im dreaming. I thought,

This cant be real.

I will wake up in my bed.

"This is anything but a dream Dear Skylar" He said . But i ignored him. This has to be a dream ... it has to be.

Im going insane.

When i wake up i will confess to my mum i need to go to a mental hospital.

And i will stop having these hallucinations.

"Why would you do that ? Your perfectly sane" He spoke as his hand tried to touch mine but i jumped. His eyes changed as if he was upset.

"Your shaking" He pointed out. I hadn't realised until he pointed it out.

My body was literally shaking out of fear.

Afraid was just an understatement.

"Sleep" He ordered me. I turned my gaze anyway from him.

I hear him grunt.

"I said Sleep !" He shouted

I ignored him. Even though i shouldn't be doing that.

He sighed angrily .

"I'm sorry but you leave me with no choice" He said. He cupped his hands onto my cheeks.

My eyes that were tight were now wide open meeting his golden eyes.

"Nice Skylar, Clever Skylar" He cooed at me as his iris dilated in and out. My knees are weak and my breathing slows. He's sending me into a memorising hypnosis

He done this before but i was quick enough to snap out of it.

But this time i was too week.

He muttered something else but it's foreign and it sounds demonic.

Before i knew my it my eyelids closed and i'm asleep under his trance. Now i was back to seeing nothing but




This was a very (Hopefully you think so) graphic scene for me to write and i hope i captured every feeling. Alot of this is going to happen frequently in the book so i cant wait for you guys to read it.

So my Junior Cert is happening in 4-3 weeks (Meh !) and i really have to study and do well in all my Subjects. Especially Geography which i detest !! So i will not be able to post at all until it's over. My education means alot to me so i hope you understand.

Thank you to all the people who are viewing and voting for this book. i know it's not much but it means the world to me !

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