Nine: Paranoia Avenue

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Chapter Nine : Paranoia Avenue


I seen nothing but Darkness.

The room was also filled with misty smoke.

My body felt like 100 weights were on top of it. And the ground I'm lying on was as cold as ice but it gave my skin a burning sensation.

Where was I ? I thought

I tried to move but i yelped in pain as i felt something sharp strike through my veins. I collapsed back on the cold ground as hot tears threatened to fall.

I heard a dark chuckle from the corner of the Dark room.

My eyes searched for the body but i see nothing. As if im blind woman searching for light.

The chuckle was dark and demonic as if it was enjoying to see me suffer.

Dripping noises were now being made, As the drop landed on the ground a sharp pain chorused through my vein. I yelled in agony and arched my back.

The pain was excruciating. It was fizzing up my blood from the inside and swelling my skin.

"I cant believe you are here...All mine " The voice said as two more drops fell onto the ground. The sharp sensation continued,sending yelps out of my mouth. I griped onto my thighs, clenching them.

The dark voice just chuckled.

"Are you enjoying this as i am my dear ?" The rough voice spoke as i kept silent.

The voice growled.

"Answer Me !" It boomed, The demonic sound shook the whole room. Droplets starting spilling onto the ground as i screamed in pain. Crying for mercy. My skin was getting hot. Too hot. As if my own blood was spewing out like lava.

i heard his voice before.

"Y-Your hurting me" I managed to say.

"Your pleasing me" He groaned. He found pleasure that made me feel sick in the inside. Who would find pleasure of hurting someone? This person is sick and twisted. But i didn't know if i was dreaming.

"No Skylar, Your not dreaming. This is all real" He spoke. The were coming out soothing but harsh at the same time. His voice was not far away

Could he read my mind ?

"How do you know my name ?"

He continued to chuckle.

"I know alot of things about you" He spoke slowly.

Everything was silent now. I had a little strength to sit up. I winced slightly. My skin was still throbbing with pain. I closed my eyes tight before opening them.

Still Darkness.

"Where am i ? What do you what from me ?!" I found my confidence and yelled at the monster. The criminal who was keeping me here under my will.

A bolt of electricity buzzed through my body as i shook in pain. I cried out for help. For my brothers to save me, For anyone to help me if they could hear me, For Luke to come and rescue me from this creature.

"Now now, No need to call his name" His words come out as venom. The pain was tearing me apart. I felt numb and limbless. I didn't know how i would continue keeping this pain.

"Luke" I sobbed calling out for him.

He roared and everything shook violently tossing me to the other side of the room. As my back hit the wall i felt a burning sensation and i screamed. Tears were now streaming down my face. I sobbed hysterically not being able to stop.

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