Eight: When Everything goes wrong

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Okay so kinda bear (Roar) with me on the fighting scene, I know its crap but bleh can you just...Ok? -Barney Stinson voice-


Its as if everything was slowing down.

Before my mind could comprehend what was going to happen, Zayn immediatly pinned Luke down onto the ground.

I screamed as they  started to throw punches at him. He tried to cover himself but it didnt work. Multiple punches were being thrown at him as  he laid there , defending himself alone.

I gasped covering my mouth as Zayn punched Luke right in the jaw. My tears fell helplessly as my feet was glued to the floor. I tried to do something but my body was not functioning with my brain.

"You fucking infest ! She's mine !" Zayn roared. It looked like he was taking over now as he attacked Luke. Who was he referring to ? He couldn't be talking about......Me.

That's ridiculous ! Zayn couldn't of been referring to me. And if he was what did he mean ? I didn't belong to anyone.

Luke groaned again as Avan and Tyler kicked him. He looked weak and helpless.

Just like my dream.

I tried to yell at them, Tell them to stop but nothing came out of my mouth. It was like my voice box was gone.

I then realised that they were no ordinary boys.

They were killers.

My breath hitched as my tears flowed more than ever. Why was this place abandoned? I prayed that someone would come and see this, see the horror I was witnessing.

But nobody came.

I was left alone to watch his horrid event.

They stood up and watched him in pain, barely moving. He was bruised everywhere and paler than ever. He looked lifeless.

It was an unbearing sight.

Zayn chuckled heartlessly watching Luke struggle to stand up but he fell back down to the ground .

"Look at you, Your nothing but weak....A disgrace!" He spat at him before spitting at the side of his eye. Avan kicked him one more time before Luke groaned.

Zayn walked towards Luke face as Luke squinted trying to spot Zayn. When he did he noticed his foot in front of his face.

My body froze

He was going to kill him.

I was going to witness murder.

Everything slowed down as i saw everything moving in slow motion . I could hear my heart beating due to fear.

Once Zayn's foot connected to Luke's face. He'd be dead.

We all knew that.

And that was Zayn's plan.

"Stop !" I yelled finally finding my voice. I tried to walk but i only moved a little bit. Stubborn tears fell from my eyes as Zayn and his brothers stared at me. I was in a horrible state and I didn't care. I just wanted my boyfriend to be okay.

Zayn's bloodily fist clenched as he gets his foot into position.

This was it.

He was going to do it.

Before his foot connected to Luke's jaw. Zayn got pulled away by Avan and Tyler.

"Stop it Zayn !" Avan scolded at him . Tugging him away from the scene they created

"You've already caused enough damage !" Tyler yelled as they struggled to drag Zayn away. I heard him yell multiple curses towards Luke. His voice was no longer audible as it started to slow down from the distance.

My feet quickly ran towards the broken down body. I fell to my knees and looked at my damaged looking boyfriend.

Images from my dreams ran through my mind.

"Luke?! Luke ! Can you hear me ? " I said through a sob. I carassed his bruised cheek and watched his busted lip as he made a groaning noise.

"Skylar" He breathed out.

"Shh im getting help" I said to keep him calm. I called the ambulance and began to wait for them. I scolded at Luke for being so stupid.

My heart ached watching him like this. So weak.

It's already 12am ...My brothers would be looking for me.

One minute I was checking the time , the next everything goes black. I was being dragged away from Luke and walking towards the forrest. I couldn't see who was grabbing me but i knew they had a strong grip on me. I struggled to get out but it was no use.

I heard the faint noise of the ambulance arriving to Luke. I even seen the paramedics who were probably looking for me.

"Im here, help me " I tried to scream as loud as i could but my voice was hushed. My voice ached from the screaming and shouting.

"Let go of me ! Let go !!! " I screamed at the person. I stopped but they still continued to drag me.

My feet were being dragged through the grass as thorns and bushes prickled against my skin.

I refused to move. I wanted to see my brothers who will be scared to death about my disappearance and Luke who would of needed me more than ever because he was in the back of that ambulance bed. Lifeless.

It was if my wildest dream was coming true.

The person who was grabbing me stopped walking.

Their hands pressed against my mouth tightly.

My screams and yells were muffled as my eyes felt heavy. My legs were giving up as I fell onto the support weight. My eyes were giving up and just as they were I saw figure, I couldn't make out who the figure was. The only thing prominent about the figure was a pair of eyes.

They were glowing and they were brown. They were a familiar brown. But I couldn't seem to remember who they belonged too.

Before i could say anything to the mysterious figure. I blacked out.




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