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Alessio sat amongst papers with his thoughts jumbled about. Did he want to risk doing business with Richard, a man that not only hated him, but wanted the worst for him? He knew that saying yes would put many things on the line, but it would also give him an easy way to pay off many of the debts his father had left him before disappearing off of the face of the earth and leaving all of his problems to his only son. Yet, there was another way. He could choose to keep the oil mines and profit from that, but to quote Richard the oils mines would be a very difficult business. What if they went cold and no longer could get the oil that made the money? On the other hand it could bring Alessio millions. He was a man of risks and this was one in which he could just not give up.

Alessio picked up the paper that Richard was hoping for him to sign off in order to gain the mines, and in one swift motion ripped it in two. He would not be his enemies puppet and would not let himself be played. He didn't need the help of Richard in order to fix his problems. Alessio knew he could do anything he wanted on his own. He was his own person, with his own power.

In a hasty manner, he got up from his chair and walked out of his office.

"Richard!" He called out for the man that had just left his office and was about to get into the elevator.

"Already made up your mind Alessio? Desperate times must be very much upon you, my dear friend." A long and taunting grin formed upon Richards lips, but it was soon gone after hearing what Alessio had to say.

"I'm thankful for your generous offer for my new holdings, but I will not be selling them anytime soon."

Richard stood still eyeing his old friend hoping that what he had just said was a mere joke. Nothing but a serious demeanor though was shown.

"You will regret this."

"We'll see if I do."

Alessio turned on his heels and left to his office. Richard's face twisted and his grip of his brief case tightened. With one last glass at Alessio through his glass office walls he turned and got into the elevator where a raven beauty stood typing away on her phone. She began to walk off of the elevator but Richard instantly grabbed her upper arm and pushed her back inside of it. Her eyes drew up in a panic but soon widened when she noticed who had grabbed her in such a manner.

"Well if it isn't Ms One Night Stand." A big sly smile formed on Richards lips as he looked down at the woman whom had spent the night in his bed two nights before.

"What are you doing here?"

"Just got done talking to your husband, Mrs Addonizio."

A shiver went down her back when he acknowledged her marriage status to Alessio. It made her guilt fume even more than it had already been since the night they had slept together.

The doors closed and soon without Ines's permission Richard grabbed her by the hips and pushed her against the cold metal wall. He looked at her intently before attacking her like a hungry beast. His lips tenderly assaulted the soft skin of her neck and she could not resist the small groan that built up inside her to be released. An excitement within her was also building up and without knowledge of her behavior her arms wrapped around his hair, pushing his head back so that her lips had room to reach his. He gave no implications to be controlled by her sweet mouth and yielded to her tongue's every command. Richard's hands traveled around her back, attempting to bring her even closer to his body. His manhood instantly reacted to the moment and when Ines felt it against her abdomen she gave out a small gasp in surprise and in want of what he held.

"I want to take you right here, right now," Richard breathed out. His mere voice sent shivers down Ines's back.

For a small moment Ines wanted to loose herself in the sex appeal of the handsome man that made her feel like a woman. But the small ding of the elevator cut through any desires that her body needed. She instinctively pushed him away and they both turned to the opening doors. Ines ran her fingers through her hair and adjusted her shirt, Richard followed suit.

The doors had opened to the main floor. Before leaving Richard picked up his briefcase and turned to say some last words to Ines.

"I'll be home all night tonight if I'm needed, which I hope I am." He walked out and Ines couldn't look away from him as he furthered their distance. Her insides clenched for more. He had left her a in a heated mess and she knew that his offer was definitely not off the platter because she wanted more; she craved for more.

The ride back up to Alessio's floor was long and tedious. Her brain kept traveling to the thought of having that man's hands all over her body again. The thought exhilarated her.

Once to the top floor she gathered herself and went to Alessio's office. She didn't exactly know why she was there, he had just called and told her to come because it was important. Without knocking she walked into his office and went to sit i front of his desk. It wasn't like her to not knock but she had merely forgotten in the moment.

"What is it that we needed to speak so urgently about Alessio?" She wanted to get straight to the point.

"Your birthday."

"What about it?" Usually all that would happen for her birthday was a small dinner with their family and nothing else. Her birthday had not been made anymore special in a very long time.

"I was thinking maybe we cancel the dinner this year and reschedule it for later."

Ines looked at Alessio with confusion.

"We'll talk about it more later. Now I haven't eaten so let's go out for lunch."

Alessio stood up and took his iPhone from his desk. Ines's followed behind him and they both entered the elevator once out of his office.

"There's this one small cafe a block away, I hope you don't mind waking there."

Ines looked up at him in shock. She never expected him to do something like that. She said nothing on the matter though and agreed. He smiled and turned back to the metal doors waiting for them to open.



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To those asking what happened there it is. I haven't had much time to just sit and write like at all. And no I'm not going to stop writing just my writing will be slower until I can pick it up again.

I had so much fun writing this and I hope you guys enjoyed.





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