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At Summer Cove High School, students are pouring in for another eventful day of learning and fun. Outside the school grounds, a school bus parks up. The bus door slides open, revealing an young Asian boy dressed like a magician with his favorite color blue. his name is Preston who loves to do magic and his dream was to be the best magician ever.

Preston stepped off the bus breathing in, then letting out a breath of air. As he took a step forwards, silk handkerchiefs which were tied together caught on the door. it trapped two female students, as one of them said "what the heck"

Preston noticed what's happened, so he tried to free them "I'm so sorry" he said, then Preston unlatched the silk rope from a snag by the door.

The two female students begin to walk away, but not before Preston yelled "Wait!! I'm having a magic show later" extend out flyers to them. One of the female students said "thanks" taking the flyer from Preston.

They both walk away, whilst Preston noticed other potential students to hand out flyers too. 

Whilst that was going on, we move over to a yellow truck parked up down the road. Calvin Maxwell, and his girlfriend Hayley Foster.

Calvin loved to fix cars, especially his pride and joy aside from Hayley  Nitro his yellow truck. adventurous Hayley loves the outdoors, nature, and living a healthy life style.

"Try it now!!" Calvin said, from under his truck after fixing what needed doing. Hayley was sat in the driver's seat, with her dog Kody the siberian husky sitting in the back.

Hayley turned the keys to start the engine, which successfully did.

"It started" Hayley cheered.

Out of nowhere, a girl shouted "look out!!"which Calvin hears. He turns his head to the right, as he yelled "AHHH!!!" as a pink hoverboard flies over Calvins head.

Aboard it was speed loving Sarah Thompson, who's dream is to do a world record on her hoverboard and loves to wear pink.

"Sorry about that!" Sarah exclaimed, hovering along after after apologizing. she came to a halt, infront of Preston who looked at Sarah in utter amazement. 

Sarah stepped off her hoverboard, turning it off then carried it under her arm.  As he snapped out of it, Preston said "oh I'm having a magic show later"extending a leaflet out to her.

Sarah kindly grabbed it, as she said "thanks... really sweet of you" walking past Preston, into school.

So proud, Preston smiled happily following Sarah into school.



The Warrior Dome enters earth. In one of the many rooms aboard the ship, Brody stands by the window looking out at his home. After being away for such a long long time. 

Emma walked into the room, after looking everywhere for him. But she knew he was in here, because they always hang out in here for some alone time away from everybody. 

"Brody are you okay?" Emma asked, wrapping her arms around him from behind and laid her head between his shoulder blades.

As Brody took hold of Emma's hands, he answered "I'm fine... its just a relief to be finally getting a chance to return home."

Emma moved to the side of Brody, as he wrapped his arm around her waist. "its beautiful" Emma said, admiring the green islands and oceans of waves.

"it sure is" Brody agreed, but not at his home. instead without Emma's knowledge, Brody turned and looked at his true loves long brownish black hair and beauty.