Part 39 - Micro cuts

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My eyes opened and closed slowly, Rick was still carrying me, it was daytime... maybe morning? I began to move, Rick looked down and stopped in his tracks, "Jess!" Rick put me down and grabbed my waist to support me. My legs buckled, but I was suspended within Rick's grasp, I lifted my hand and held my neck, it was cleanly bandaged... but boy, did my throat hurt. My eyes turned from Rick's gaze to meet Merle's eyes, "What the hell is he doing here?" My voice croaked, I felt for my holster and grabbed my gun, I lifted the barrel and pointed it at Merle's face. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Put it down!" Rick placed his hand on my gun and pushed it down slowly to lower it, "He tried to kill me! If it wasn't for him helping the Gov-" "He helped us get out of there!" Daryl shouted above the shouting group. "Yeah, right after he he just sat there and let the Governor set a walker on me... Jackass" by now I was so angry I hadn't noticed the I had left the scaffolding of Rick's arms and walked towards Merle. "What can i say? He is a charmer, I got to tell you that...Been putting the wood to your girlfriend Andrea"

"What? Andrea's in Woodbury?" Rick asked, I nodded as Merle did, "Hey drop that!" Rick walked over to a woman who I had never seen before, she carried a long sharp katana, she wore a leather waist coat and purple top, with black skinny jeans and heavy boots. "You know Andrea?...Hey, do you know Andrea?" Rick questioned the mysterious woman, she nodded slowly. "Why did you take Andrea... we were searching for her for months!" I raised my voice to Merle, I was getting angry now. "Hey, man, we snagged them out of the woods... Andrea was close to dying...Hey Sheriff why don't you put a leash on your little girlfriend here..." He joked, letting put a hearty laugh. That's it. "You son of a bitch!" Rick grabbed my waist, preventing me to get to Merle, I struggled for a moment then gave up, put my arms up in defense letting him know I wasn't going to go for him. Rick let me out of his arms.

"So what you gonna do now, Sheriff, huh? In surrounded by a bunch of liars, thugs, and cowards...All these guns and no bullets in them!" I have had enough of this... "Merle, shut up!" Rick retorted "Shut up yourself! Bunch of pussies you roll--" Merle was cut off mid sentence, because the butt of my handgun became friends with the back of his head, which caused him to hit the ground. "Asshole..." I muttered to myself and began to slowly walk back to the car before I could collapse again, I felt sick... I shouldn't have worked myself up like that, my neck is killing me.

The group wandered down to the car where I was, I crossed my arms and leant them on to the car and placed my head on top of them. "Merle knows how he thinks and we could use the muscle" Daryl began to say to the group, trying to sell the idea of having Merle at the prison with us. "I'm not having him at the prison" I piped up, still leaning my head on my arms, I took a deep breath , the heat was getting to me. "Do you really want him sleeping in the same cell block as Carol or Beth?" Rick questioned Daryl, he placed his hand on to my back and began to rub slowly which instantly made me feel better. "He ain't a rapist" Daryl retorted. "Well I think his buddy is..." Rick stopped rubbing my back "What?" I shook my head "It's a long story for another time" "They ain't buddies no more...Not after last night" Daryl said, still having that hopefully tone to his voice.

"There's no way Merle's gonna live there without putting everyone at each other's throats" Rick began to rub my back again, "I agree with Rick, I wouldn't feel safe with him there, not after what he did" I adjusted my stance and turned to face Daryl. "So you're gonna cut Merle loose and bring the last samurai home with us?" Daryl asked looking at the mysterious woman by the edge of the woods. "She's not coming back with us" Maggie walked over as Rick was saying this. "She's not in a state to be on her own...She did bring us to Jess...At least let my dad stitch her up..." Rick shook his head in disagreement. "She's too unpredictable...We don't even know who she is"

"But Merle, Merle's blood." Daryl replied to the discussion. Glenn piped up disagreeing with Daryl. "No, Merle is your blood... My blood, my family is standing right here and waiting for us back at the prison... And you're part of that family." Daryl shook his head and went to the car and got his stuff. "No him, no me." With that he started to walk away, Rick ran after him, they began talking, which looked like a heated discussion. I think Rick lost the discussion because he stopped in his tracks and watched as Daryl went off with Merle. "Daryl!!!" I screamed as loud as I could, it wasn't loud enough for him to hear. My throat killed, which sent me into a coughing frenzy, I bent over and coughed my guts up, I covered my mouth but I had coughed something up. I looked into my hand to reveal blood in my hand, oh god... I felt the bandage but the blood has seeped through it. I needed Hershel, and I needed him quick. "Rick!" I tried to shout, but it brought on more blood from my throat. Glenn grabbed my waist to hold me steady as he screamed for Rick, he came sprinting to me, his hands replacing Glenn's "C'mon get her in the car, Hershel can look at her when we get back." Everyone got into their cars and drove to the prison, I sat in the back coughing more blood up hoping I would survive this journey and live another day.

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