Chapter 4

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Wade pov


I fidget with my keys as I wait for the time to go over to Rhys's house and pick her up. I know I can make her fall in love with me again. I'll just do everything perfect. I will be perfect and she will love me. It will work. It has to work. Right?

My mom is staying with me, Jeremy, and Regina for awhile. Until she knows that I'm stable. I'm stable! I am. I can drink and be stable. I can!

I glance around the room and see a ornament, the shape of boxing gloves. I stand up and stomp over to it. I grab it and grip it with all my might. I feel the glass becoming unstable until it breaks. Boxing took my Rhys. I don't want to box again.

I walk into the kitchen and open my hand. The glass falls from my hand with a lot of blood. I run to the sink and wash my hand making sure to clean all the cuts. They won't be to deep, I'm sure.

I grab my keys with my good hand and go out to my car. I put my hands on the wheel and assure myself that Rhys will love my again and then we will be happy. But then the angry part of me tells me that she doesn't want me. She did that so she could get away from me. She lost that fight, lost her memory because she wanted me. Rhys doesn't want me. Rhys doesn't want me.

"Rhys doesn't want me." I say out loud. It sounds more accurate then that she does want me. If she did want me she wouldn't have left. "I don't need Rhys." I speak aloud. I don't need her. She doesn't need me.

I start my car and drive by her house and see her sitting on the porch waiting. I slam on my breaks in front of her house. I did tell her I would pick her up. That's all. I don't need her. I don't want her.

I drive back just a bit for her. I turn the music on to a common known station right before she gets in. I don't look at her as she gets in and shuts the door. I press on the gas and start to navigate our way back to school. Today is her first day back since she lost her memory and I know everyone is going to be all over her.

Though she has bruises she is just as beautiful as always. She has on black leggings, a cream coloured sweater, an infinite scarf and a light coloured leather jacket. I want to tell her she is pretty, but I'm not going to. The Rhys I knew, I would have told her because I love her. And the Rhys now barely knows who I am.

"What happen to your hand?" She asks. Her voice making me want to roll into a ball and cry because I miss Rhys. I miss her love, her smiles, her not funny jokes, her kisses, I miss her.

I glance down at my hand and roll my eyes. I pull my sleeve down past my hand so she can't see it. I come to a stop light and rub my eyes. This day is going to be long. I know it is.

The music stops as I press on the gas and go past the light. "I asked a question. What did you do to your hand, Wade?" She asks in such a feisty tone that I want to smile and kiss her and love her. No! None of those thoughts. I'm weak. Gosh. I so weak.

"Glass broke." I respond curtly as I pull into the school parking lot and into my regular space. Once I'm stopped she is out of my car in a Heart beat. My door opens and I look to see Rhys reaching for my hand. "I don't need help!" I try to pull my hand away, but she has a grip on it and if I tug hard it will hurt.

"Just let me see." She says softly, looking at me with a small smile. She lightly moves my sweaters sleeve up to my forearm and looks down at my hand. She runs her finger tips over the light wounds and shakes her head. "You should be more careful." She tuts shaking her head. I almost smile because she looks so perfect right now aside from always.

She opens her purse and pulls out some cleaning cream and bandaids. "No." I groan loudly. She smiles and puts the cream on my hand. I hiss and move my hand away. She reaches for it, but I move again.

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