Chapter 1

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        A loud banging on y/n's door awoke her wednesday morning, she groggily woke up, and with an angry look silenced the knocker with;
"Alright, Alright im up! Just dont break  my door down for gods sake,"
              She sat up pushing a lock of h/c hair out of her eyes and surveyed the room.  Her bed sat pressed against the back wall, the one window was next to her adjacent from the door, a shaft of morning light was all that illuminated the messy room. Dirty clothes, paper and pop cans littered the floor. Torn posters and bb gun bullet holes adorned the sloppily painted puke-green coloured walls.
          Her bedroom was fairly large but two dressers and two beds made it look cramped and dirty.  Across from her bed, if you could call it that since it was a mattress proped up on four 2-by-4s without a head board (she proped her pillow up against the wall), was her sister, Emily, still fast asleep.
          Slowly y/n got out of bed grunting as she stood up. With a quick glance she seen her alarm clock read 6:30 am. Grabbing two dirty socks off the floor she folded them into a ball, bringing her arm back she whipped the ball at the sleeping Emilys head. With a violent snort Emily sat up.
         She faced y/n with wide, hurt eyes. y/n giggled and fell back on her bed as Emily threw the socks back. After they had both gotten dressed, and had a pretty nasty fight about who used the bathroom first, y/n made it downstairs to the kitchen.
           It was the normal morning calamity. Her father, f/n, was dressed in his uniform (he was a police officer) sat in his recliner a plate of burnt toast sat on his lap, a hand raised to swat back Millies cat Winston (when Millie was 3 she found a stray kitten and named it Whiskers, but when Charlie went to get a name tag and collar for the cat he thought that the paper had said Winston).
             y/ns mother, m/n, stood in the kitchen holding Rosie. They both looked tired and y/n knew they had been up for hours. Y/n sat at the table and looked to her mom who brought her a plate of very toasted toast.
"Morning mom!" She called giving her mom a smile. It wasnt returned.
"Dont get in trouble today please. No fights," her mothers voice was tired and seemed to drone on for longer than it did. Y/n looked dismayed.
"My O my mother have some faith! I would never start a fight," and in a lower voice, "I finish them,"
"Thats my girl," her father said as he rubbed the top of her head, he dumped his plate in the sink and left out the front door. Grabbing her jacket, it was late spring beginning of summer, and she was about to head out the door.
"Ooh wait," she blurted and turned around, knocking Emily down in the process.
       Heading back to her room she rummaged through her nightstand drawer. She pulled out a light blue lighter and a black-handled pocket knife. She stuffed them in her pocket
Just in case she thought.
      Saying goodbye to her mom she headed out the door once more, meeting her friends Ally and Natalie at the corner of the block and walked to school with them. Ally, Natalie, y/n and Emily all attended Derry Private high school (DPHS) which was, like in the title, a private school in the heart of Derry suburbs.

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