The dark island

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We had arrived to the island. There was a lot more warriors than expected. To keep down, we buried the ship in the earth. Kai was on alert as soon as he heard the motors of the warriors vehicles.

"This whole army is swarming with Garmadon's indestructible stone army!" He say as me, Cole and Zane was digging it down. Jay was just gathering leaves for some reason.

"It's a good thing we're ninjas so we know how to hide." Jay say.

"Who want's to hide when you can fight!" Cole say and throw his shovel on the ground. "I'm gettin' tired of having our heads buried in the sand! I wanna fight these guys!" He exclaimed.

"But Cole. They have no apparent weakness. It'd be unwise to start a fight we cannot finish." Zane say. Sensei Wu came out from inside the Bounty.

"That is why, we need to find the temple of light." He say. I snicker, making the people around look at me.

"Who was the light bulb that came up with putting the temple of light in the darkest of places. The dark Island?" I snicker again. Jay somehow also found this funny and was chuckling to that.

We went inside. Misako rolled up a scroll on a table as we all gathered around.

"The scroll say: There's a hidden temple on the island. If you find it, it'll give the ninja pure elemental powers. Powers that can destroy the indestructible army." Misako say.

"So you're saying we get to fight!? Whoohoho! I've got happy feet!" Cole exclaim.

"And for you and (Y/N), my son, here it is written, once the green and yellow ninja finds the instrument of peace, they will strike it, and know the power of the ultimate spinjitzu master." Misako say.

"Ultimate spinjitzu master?" Lloyd repeat.

"It means you'll be able to evoke the golden dragon. An ancient fighting style only practiced by the first spinjitzu master." Misako explain. The other ninjas' chin had dropped to the table and rainbow liquid was sipping out. Or... not really...

"Ha-ha-ha! Jealous?" Lloyd mock the others and I snapped my head in his direction.

"Lloyd, I'm gonna make you eat those word." I say in a just as mocking manner as he just did.

"W-w-wait! This sounds a little too good to be true... what's the catch?" Kai ask.

"The catch is... the temple could be anywhere on the island. And all we have... is this." Sensei say and hold up an amulet. Julian take it from him.

"A medallion. It's like a compass. When the three holes match up, the medallion will reveal where the temple is hidden." Julian say.

"Uh... How could you know that?" Jay ask. I rise and eyebrow to the obvious shit.

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