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     It's one of the many things that almost all questions revolve around. What's our purpose in life? Why do we live? What's the purpose of living if we're only going to die? Those questions are asked too much, in my opinion. But there's one that I find myself asking all too often:

     What is time?

     You can't see it, literally. You can't feel it, or taste it. You can't smell it or even hear it. So, how did we come up with seconds and minutes? Hours and days? Months and years? How is it possible that we know of something without all the physical traits that make something real? I'll tell you:

     Andromeda, the Goddess of Time.

     She's the one that controls it. She uses it to manipulate things so that they happen at specific moments. That time you broke your arm because you fell from that tree? That was Andromeda. If she hadn't manipulated time, you might've broken your arm before you were three. It's odd how time works. I used to question how it worked, like every other person.

     Until I met Andromeda for myself one night.

     Where my family and I live over summers, there're shallow little creeks in the sand of beaches that connect to the ocean. That night, my parents wre fighting like they've been doing so often now. So what do I do? I go walking on the beach. Alone. At night.

     I found her, Andromeda, in one of the many creeks. Her blood stained the surrounding water as it trickled from a wound in her stomach. I know what you're thinking: Aren't gods and goddesses immortal? Well, yes, but they can die too. If they're attacked by a fellow immortal.

     I don't know why Andromeda was dying, exactly, but I do know why she was on Earth. It'd be hard to miss, especially since what happened to me after I found her is still rather shocking. She was looking for someone to be her successor, and with her last dying breath, she found one.

     I, Anastasia, am the next Goddess of Time. Honestly, I think Andromeda chose wrong, because she sure as heck wasn't thinking straight. I mean, I don't even know what I'm doing! Another commonly asked question: Why me?

     I think it's quite fitting in this situation, don't you?


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