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"I expected two kids. Not three." Cordelia joked while she was in the pack hospital, holding her newborn daughter. She had two sons and a daughter. Her daughter's name was Rosalia Elizabeth. Cordelia's first born son, who was the middle child after Rosalia, was named Mekhi Ellington and their last son's name was Blaze Thomas.

Olivia had just turned four before the triplets were born and she was able to hold Mekhi, with a little help from Pierce since Mekhi was a big baby. Rosalia was the smallest out of the three, only 19 inches and about 7 lbs. but that was a healthy size for a triplet. Mekhi was the biggest out of the three at 21 inches and 9 pounds then Blaze was 20 inches and 8 and a half pounds.

Luka held Blaze and he was lightly rocking Blaze. Every time Luka would set Blaze in his crib or gave him to someone else, Blaze would turn purple as he screamed his head off until he was back in Luka's arms. That was another sibling who was practically in love with Luka.

"How do you like being an older sister, Liv?" Pierce asked as he took Mekhi away from her and set him in his crib. "I like it." She smiled and lightly clapped her hands. Pierce smiled at her. "That's good." He said and sat down in the chair with her. Blaze finally fell asleep and Luka was able to set him in his crib without him crying.

Anna, Lowell, and the twins were there too. But the twins didn't pay attention to what was happening. They were too busy coloring and drawing. "So. What are you going to do with five kids?" Anna asked as she took Rosalia from Cordelia. "I don't know. Pierce and I are just going to have to make due with the five kids we have." Cordelia sighed.

Olivia yawned and started to fall asleep. "Hey Luka. Could you take Liv home? You two have school tomorrow and it's already late." Pierce asked as he stood up with Olivia in his arms and handed Luka, Olivia. "Sure." Luka said and left the hospital with Olivia in his arms.

Luka was getting better at controlling his inner wolf. Once he let his inner wolf take control but that was because the first day they started school one of the younger kids was pushing Olivia around during their recess and Luka got upset and nearly killed the boy just knocking him over, trying to get the boy away from his younger sister. Luka realized what he did was wrong and sat in a corner crying for 2 hours being more upset at himself that he hurt a child than he was at the child. But he just saw it as protecting his little sister. He loved her more than anyone did.

As Luka walked Olivia home, she looked up at him. "Luka?" She asked him. "Yes, Liv?" He asked her, opening the door to their home. "Do you love me?" She asked as they walked in and into her room. Luka set her in her bed and tucked her in before speaking. "Of course, I love you. You're my baby sister." He told her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "I love you too." She said and fell asleep, clutching onto her teddy bear.

Luka smiled down at the sleeping girl. "I can tell what that look means." Genevieve smirked and whispered, walking up to Luka. "What do you mean, ma'am?" He asked, walking out of Olivia's room, closing the door to her room so their conversation doesn't wake her up. "It doesn't happen often, but I think you've imprinted on little Olivia." Genevieve said.

Luka made a face. "Doesn't that mean something like mating? She's my little sister. I would never mate with her." Luka said and walked down the hall to his room but Genevieve just followed, laughing. "Dear, it doesn't mean mating. Well not in this early stage, really." Genevieve said. "What do you mean?" Luka said.

Genevieve sighed. "There's a difference between finding your mate at an older age and imprinting. You'll learn this later in your schooling. But when someone imprints on someone else, it's typically where the older person feels like an older brother or sister to the younger one and eventually when the imprintee gets older your feelings for them gets stronger and into romantic love. Olivia would feel the same for you because when she turns eighteen, she'll be able to feel what you're feeling."

Luka rolled his eyes. "That's 14 years from now. And plus. I'm 9 years older than Olivia. Why her?" Luka said and pulled his shirt off. Genevieve saw a long scar on his back. But the story Cordelia told her was that his father was abusing him and that was a result of it. "Love comes in mysterious ways." Genevieve said and left his room.

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