Chapter 1- The Beginning

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"No!" I scream as he shoves me up against the wall. I feel a horrible pain in the back of my head. He smiles down on me."You're mine now, Ash."  No.

He pulls my hair and throws me to the ground. "No, you're mine." I mutter standing up and grabbing a knife that was attached to my inner thigh.

"You came prepared." he smiles and takes a step closer.

"Well so did I" he lunges towards a pipe, laying in the musky ally we were stuck in. Yea, so prepared.

A loud grunt escapes his mouth as he swings it towards me. I duck at his swing and he stumbles forward. Given the chance, I jump up onto his back and jab a knife between his eyes.


omg my first story .   Btw this is a really short chapter because in just kinda setting the mood .So like yea . Please vote , comment and whatever . It's allll free . btw I like your face . 

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