Chapter Twenty Two - Husband and Wife

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Arabella's POV:

Looking into his mesmerizing brown eyes, which held nothing but love and adoration, was the most beautiful thing in all of this. Knowing that someone loves you just like you do, is the happiest feeling someone can experience. And I love him, I love him with every fiber of my heart. Never in my life would I imagined, I'll be standing at the altar at the age of 19 with the man I love. I would have never imagined to be a married woman at the age of 19. Married to a mafia boss who once kidnapped me. Married to one of the most dangerous men in the world.

"It's time to go, amore mio!" His deep velvety voice brought me back to the present. I looked around me and realized, that we're standing all alone in the backyard. The priest and the guests were all gone. How long have I been zoning out? "Arabella, is everything ok?" He questioned clearly concerned about my well-being. "I'm fine, I just zoned out a bit." I reassured him. "For a bit? It seemed like for eternity." He stated chuckling. Suddenly I felt myself being lifted up from the ground and screamed in surprise. "I don't want to spend our wedding here!" He said nonchalantly walking towards the entrance of the mansion from the backyard with me in his hands bridal style.

"I can walk, you know." "The perfect groom carries his bride to their bed chambers." "It's not even dark yet!" "So what? I want babies in a month or so." What the fuck! "Alessandro, I'm sure as hell not going to be a mom at 19!" I said while he climbed up the stairs. "Why not? You'll make a perfect mom!" "But not at 19! I still want to continue my studies!" "You can study from home while taking care of our babies." "Never, Alessandro! Don't make me regret marrying you!" He motioned for me to open the door to our bedroom and then entered it and kicked the door close. "Chill, tesoro! I'm kidding, no need to anger yourself." Thank god, he's just kidding. Otherwise I would have killed him.

He let me down on the bed and hovered over me. "I love you so much, Arabella!" "I love you too!" With that he attacked my face with soft kisses and held me closer to him. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle, tesoro." He assured me before continuing to kiss me on my lips. How much I love his kisses.


I opened my eyes slowly but closed immediately after the bright sunlight burned my eyes. A big muscular arm prevented me from moving to cover my face with pillow from the sunlight. His chest was pressed to my back while his arm was around my waist holding me close to his warm chest. His head was nuzzled in the crook of my neck not letting me even move my head properly. Ugh. I tried to move his arm but to no avail, he tightened his hold on even more. "Alessandro!" I whispered cause I don't want to startle him. He didn't respond instead put feather kisses on my neck and shoulder. "Alessandro, I have to go to the bathroom!" I made up an excuse, so he can let me go. "You can go later!" I said between kisses on my neck. "But I have to pee!" I argued further. "Then pee!" Is he serious. "Then let me go, so I can pee!" "Ugh. Fine!" He finally loosened his hold on me, so I can free myself from his grip. Just when I was about to get up from the bed, I felt a stinging pain between my legs.

"Take a bath in warm water, it'll help with the pain." He advised me to which I nodded walking to the bathroom ignoring the pain, but not before glancing at the bloodied white sheets. "I will call the maid to change them." Alessandro informed me after seeing me looking at the sheets. "Ok." I said before finally entering the bathroom. A bath is much needed now. I let the bathtub fill with warm water before I brushed my teeth and washed my face.

After I was satisfied with how full the bathtub was, I stripped off my panties and got in. It's so relaxing. After some minutes Alessandro came in to brush his teeth. He was standing there half naked in just his calvins letting me drool over his tanned muscular body and his hard abs. His brown hair was messy making him look even more appealing than he already is. He surely is the italian version of the greek Adonis. "Like what you see?" He asked smirking after catching me staring at him. I looked down blushing in embarrassment. "No need to be embarrassed, tesoro! It's all yours now." He stated making me blush even more.

"Do you feel better now?" He asked after finishing brushing his teeth

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"Do you feel better now?" He asked after finishing brushing his teeth. "Yes." I answered. "I'll take a shower in the other bathroom. After you're done get dressed because we're going to eat breakfast out today." He informed me. I nodded before he went out of the bathroom.
What did I do to deserve such hot and loving husband.
After the warm bath I went to the walk in closet to get ready. It's hot outside, so I decided to wear a loose beige maxi dress with a deep v-neck and let my hair loose. I put a little amount of concealer, lipgloss and mascara.

"You're ready?" Alessandro said while hugging me from behind

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"You're ready?" Alessandro said while hugging me from behind. "Yes!" I turned around and planted a kiss on his soft lips. "Let's go then!" He held my hand and led downstairs where my mom and siblings where sitting in the living room. "Good morning, mom!" I greeted with a kiss on her cheek. "Good morning, sweety!" She replied. "Where are you going, Arabella?" My little sister asked while playing on her ipad. "I'm going to have breakfast out with, Alessandro!" I answered her question. "Good morning, son!" My mom greeted Alessandro, who was standing at the doorframe. "I'm not your son!" He replied with gritted teeth. What the hell is going on between them? "Alessandro!" I warned him. No matter what happened between them, I won't let him talk to her like this. "It's ok, baby!" Mom assured me.

"No, it's not! He can't talk to you like this!" "Look, Arabella! I'm already tolerating her presence here because of you even though I can't stand seeing her or hear her voice, so don't make this harder for me!" He warned anger evident in his voice. But why does he hate her so much?

"Arabella, leave it!" Mom warned me too.
"What the hell is going on between you too?!" I asked frustrated of this confusion I'm facing. "Let's go, Arabella!" He grabbed my arm. "No, I need to know everything first!" He gave me a warning look to which I simply shook my head. "Go play in the garden!" My mom ushered the twins out to the backyard so they don't have to listen to our argument.

"I'm listening!" I crossed my arm on my chest waiting for them to explain what this was all about.
"You really want to hear this, Arabella?" Alessandro asked while crossing his arms on his chest too. "I do!" I responded confidently. "Ok, then! Well first of all if she wasn't your mom she would have been buried six feet underground right now!" A slapping sound echoed in the room. I slapped him. I fucking slapped my husband.

"Arabella!" My mom gasped. I could see hurt in his eyes. He clenched his jaw as if trying to control his anger. "A-Alessandro!" I stuttered in disbelief of my doing. "I-I'm so-" before I could finish my sentence he was already closing the door behind him. He was gone.


End of chapter 22.

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