Part 37 - It's a cruel world

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Milton's POV -------

I tested Jess's blood sample once Phillip (The Governor) had rather embarrassingly uncuffed me, he stormed off with his face red with anger, I guess he went after her. I looked through my double lensed microscope to see if Jess was really telling the truth. I looked to see how Jess's blood cells would reacted against the infected cells. Her cells were attacked at first but after a matter of seconds the infected cells were repelled like they were allergic to hers, a few minutes after that the infected cells seemed to shrivel up and just... die. I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I conducted the test another four times and got the same result each time... she was really telling the truth... I needed more of her blood, maybe I could come up with a cure?

Jess's POV -------

I was dragged out of the car once we had reached Woodbury, I began to struggle to get away but it was no use, I was overpowered instantly. The Governor took me back in to the room I had escaped from and pushed me through the door way. He slammed the door she and locked it. I stood in the middle of the room with my head hung down. I heard movement behind me, the sound of a leather strap, that must have been his holster. The was a klunk, on the wooden table behind me, I turned around to see the holster on the table and the Governor with his hands on his hips. My arms were still bound behind me which gave me an insecure and unnerving feeling. The Governor slowly stepped towards me, my breath quickened. His hands grabbed my shoulders and gave them a squeeze. My hair was pushed to one side over my shoulder, he slid his hands down my arms tracing shapes and he did so, I felt physically sick. "You know you're a very attractive girl... I bet you like to do dirty things" oh my god I think I might throw up. "Yeah... not with you, you sick twisted fuck" he stopped tracing shapes on my arms and let out a snigger, with lightning speed he yanked my hair back and rushed me forward into the wall with a thwack! "You whore! you only way you'll leave this place is a body bag and I'll kill all your little friends before then so you may as well ju-" The door swung open, the Governor let me go instantly, I turned my shaky glance to see Milton, "A-Andrea wants to see you" "Fine I'll be up in a minute" Milton nodded and left the room. The Governor grabbed my bound hands and pulled me out of the room. "Let's see how you answer me back when you've spent a little time with my friend here" I was thrown into a little, cramped, dirty and damp room. There was nothing in here except a light bulb that lit the room with an orange ominous glow. The light bounced off the dark, mould green, metal door. I wasn't getting out of here unless the group came for me, thoughts of doubt, isolation, aggression and despair swam around in my head. Little friend? what did he- A walker lurched out from the darkness and went for me, I walked backwards until my back hit the wall. Oh god I was trapped with nothing to defend myself, I closed my eyes as I held it as hard as I could but I was overpowered as my arms began to get weaker, I felt like I was pushing forever. I opened my eyes and tried to place my hands around its head, i succeeded but my hand slipped. The walker teeth sunk straight into my wrist "Ahh!" I grabbed its head and smashed it against the wall repeatedly until it was no longer moving. I stared down at my bleeding wrist, oh fuck... I gave out a long deepened sigh which turned into sobbing my heart out, I drew my legs up and tucked them in to my chest. I was going to turn in a few short hours... I was never going to see Rick again, the group or even outside this cell of a room... I placed my head on to my knees trying to block out the world I had come to hate, and waited for the fever to consume me.


I woke abruptly, my eyes opened instantly, It was pitch black, the only light in the room was the light emitting from under the door. I didn't know whether it was day or night. It took me a moment to realise where I was, I thought it was just a bad dream, but it wasn't. I was stuck in a dark cramped room, with no way of escaping and alone... all alone. Tears slipped down my cheeks, I went to bury my head in my arms when gun shots rang through my ears, they were close by, perhaps some walkers got in. I knew that no one would be coming for me so I stayed in the same position. The light under the door seemed to fade and disappear, a burning sensation began to hit my throat. I began to have a coughing fit, I covered my mouth but it was no use, it was smoke and it had already entered my lungs.

After about about 30 seconds of coughing, the smoke began to dissipate. I buried my head in my arms again, and huffed a despaired sigh. The huge metal door swung open, blinding me as I lifted my head up, I covered my eyes up with my arm. Someone was in the doorway but I couldn't make out who it it was. "Jess?" I recognised that voice.... "Rick?" The figure turned on the light on to reveal Rick. I looked down to my wrist to see if I was dreaming, I saw the black and blue ripped skin where the walker had taken a chunk from my wrist. I wasn't dreaming, but why haven't I turned yet? I felt no fever at all, and how did Rick find me?

Rick rushed over to me grabbing my torn wrist, "Oh god... Jess..." he cupped my cheek with his hand which I leant in to. "I'm glad I got to see you before I..." I trailed off, Rick knew what I meant. "You're gonna be just fine okay... Let's go, we gotta be quick" Rick went to pull me up but I didn't move "Just leave me here, I don't have long anyways..." Rick shook his head "No you will be... Jess Jenner told me something...

Flashback -------

"Look... Rick... Its a cruel world out there, you're not going to live forever..." Rick shook his head in disbelief "That's were you're wrong
... were a strong group and we will last as long as we "we're all infected..." Jenner snapped cutting Rick off in midsentence "What?" Rick questioned with a confused look on his face "And your little girlfriend?... Jess? She's immune... her blood ... I gotta say, its pretty extraordinary" Rick walked over to Jenner, "Wait... what?" "She's immune! she can't get infected even if she tried!" Jenner answered Rick's question swift and to the point. "If Jess is bitten or scratched or whatever... she won'tturn?"Jenner slowly shook his head from side to side. "No, she's valuable and you might need to use her in the future... keep her safe..." Jenner began to leave the room then stopped "I wouldn't tell her if I were you, she might get a bit... eager on how far she can go and it could get her killed" With that he left the room with out another word.

Jess's POV -------

"Wait... your saying, I'm actually immune... I'm not infected?" Rick shook his head for the second time, his eyes had a hint of hope within them. He stood up and held his hand out. "Jess... I love you... When you were taken away from me it made me realise and I should have told you sooner..." I grabbed his handas he pulled me up. He clasped my into his arms, I buried my head into his chest, I felt safe once again. "C'mon let's get out of here" Rick intertwined his hand with mine and we left.

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