Elevator Horror

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Late one night, Cindy and her friends enter the elevator, in which it will go down. Inside the elevator, they waited for the doors of the elevator to open when suddenly the lights flickered inside the elevator.

"Oh my God, I want to get out of the elevator. The lights flickered, even there's no switch here in the elevator," one of her friends become scared. None of her friends wanted to get on the elevator, but Cindy stuck her head inside and decided to continue on their way down until the elevator stop.

As the elevator stopped, Cindy and her friends took a different elevator, which it will lead their way down to the ground floor. Then later, they took a different elevator. Inside the elevator, one of Cindy's friends, who had a third eye and could see spirits, told them there really was a ghost inside the elevator including the other elevator that they rode a few minutes ago. Even there's a ghost inside, Cindy continues to face whatever it will happen inside.

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