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This is the third sequel to Posted as Missing
Even though this can be read as a stand-alone,
you might prefer to read that story and the others first.


This story contains scenes with references and allusions to normal interpersonal sexual activity, and all of these are necessary for developing the characters and moving the plot forward. Though Queen Victoria might have blushed, today's normal thirteen-year-old wouldn't be fazed.


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To the more than twenty million
dead and wounded in World War One
while defending us against aggression.


Although this is a piece of fiction, most of the geographic and historic backgrounds are real, as are some of the characters. Through this series of novels, I have taken the liberty of weaving a fictitious plot around such historical figures as: Conrad Kain; Ambassador Sir Evelyn Grant Duff and his wife, Dame Edith Grant Duff; Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Picot; John Wallinger; George Skipworth; Secret Service Bureau operative, R; Lieutenant-Colonel Stenning; King Geroge V; Captain Doctor Arthur Martin-Leake, VC; Auguste Escoffier; W Somerset Maugham; Hans Wilsdorf; David Lloyd George, H H Asquith, Edith Cavell, and others. They are depicted in the settings, at the times and with the appointments and positions shown in the historical records, though most of their interactions in this story are fiction.

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