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Pierce looked up at Cordelia then back to Olivia. "Liv, I'm not sure that can happen. He did something bad." Pierce told her and tried grabbing her off Luka's lap but Olivia threw a fit every time Pierce touched her. Pierce sighed and stopped.

Pierce walked over to the door where the other two adults were. "Well, maybe if she trusts him, why can't we?" Alpha Benton asked. "Well because, I have a pregnant mate, unborn children, and a three year old. If any of them gets hurt, I will hate myself forever." Pierce said. Alpha Benton looked at the two kids. "Well, Luka was able to control himself when Olivia came in. Maybe if she's around him, he'll be able to control his wolf."

They all looked over to the two and Luka had gently placed his arms around Olivia. He had a smile on his face while Olivia was rambling on about whatever she was rambling on about. "I say we give him a chance. Obviously the moment he saw Olivia, he fell in love with her." Cordelia said. "Same for Olivia. He might've been the one who killed her parents, but I can tell she feels connected to him. She doesn't care what had happened."

Pierce sighed. He didn't want someone who could snap at any moment due to not being able to control their wolf. But had to admit that Cordelia was right. Olivia did the exact same thing she did with Cordelia, with Luka. She connected to him and was showing immense love and compassion towards him. To Olivia, Pierce thought, no matter what, she had a trusting heart and personality. She loved and attached herself to anyone she saw fit. So if a three year old little girl can do it, why couldn't he try.

"Listen to me, Luka. Olivia seems to be connected to you and trust you. So we're going to try to, too. I'll personally help you try controlling your wolf because I know how it feels to not be able to control it. But one step out of line, whether you try to attack me, Olivia, or my mate or anyone else, you're being punished. No questions asked." Pierce said. Luka nodded. "Yes, sir." Luka promised.

Luka stood up with Olivia still in his arms. Olivia smiled up at him and kissed Luka on his cheek. Luka blushed under his tan skin and smiled down at Olivia. "Luka." Olivia said then giggled. Luka giggled too. "Yup. And you're Olivia." He said.

Cordelia grabbed Pierce's hand and lightly leaned up against him. "So we took in two kids and have however many more coming." Pierce sighed and ran a hand over his face. "And we don't have that many rooms in here. We have an extra bedroom but I don't trust a 13 year old with a 3 year old." Pierce said.

Cordelia thought for a second. "Maybe we can keep Olivia in our room and give Luka the other bedroom. I don't know what else to do." Cordelia said. "Or maybe since Kaden has her own house we can see if she has an extra room we can take her sewing stuff over there." Cordelia offered. Pierce nodded. "Let's do that."

Just then Kaden came in. "Hey guys..." She trailed when she saw Luka and Olivia. "You're taking in two kids, big guy?" She asked Pierce. Pierce nodded. Kaden shook her head. "But anyways. I was gonna see if you'd mind if I was in and out for about an hour. I'm gonna move my sewing stuff. And I can tell you're probably going to need that." She said, not pulling her eyes off the two kids.

Pierce nodded. "Yeah. We kind of do. If that's okay with you." Pierce said. Kaden nodded. "Yeah. That's fine with me. I hated walking from my house over here just to fix or make something anyways. So I thought maybe just bringing my sewing stuff over to my house." Kaden said. "Okay." Pierce said. "What's the boy's name?" Kaden asked. "Luka." Cordelia said. "Luka, are you hungry? You look extremely thin." Kaden asked and headed for the kitchen. Luka hesitated but followed Kaden with Olivia still in his arms.

Cordelia sighed as she watched her now new daughter and son walk with Kaden. "I hope we're not having many kids." Cordelia sighed, rubbing her medium sized baby bump.

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