Chapter 10 - Reunite

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“Scavenge whatever loot you could find. We need all of ‘em. ” Katherine’s command was clear though it sounded hazy. We had just slayed a fierce pack of Bearzuros ─ large ugly bear-like creatures with spiny fur. More like giant porcupines actually.

Few gashes and scratches tainted me. Dirt covered my tattered uniform which made me look like a doomed vagrant. The reason why I got a lot of cuts was maybe because I kept thinking about Trevor during the whole fight. The idea of him sent my focus wavering though I felt really glad.

After everything, I was going to see my best friend. The only person I know that I could trust in here. But behind the feeling of delight was a fearful sensation wrapped with creeping anxiety. Has Trevor also been looking for me or am I the only one who cares?  And why does that Wolfbane weirdo know about him? I don’t like the atmosphere around that guy. He was too cold-hearted and indifferent. But why? What the heck is up with you, Trevor?

My fragmented thoughts crumbled when I felt something hard hit my head.

“Aw!” I snarled at Katherine who was holding her staff, grinning. “Why did you do that?”

“Get up now, lazy bones. We’re off to Bethlehem for real.”

Katherine was still Katherine ─ beautiful and proud. Not a single graze could be seen in her body, not even her clothes. Perhaps because all she did was buff me up while I ate all the hit and slashes those crazy bears were throwing at us.

“How much have we collected?” I asked and got on my feet, slinging my pack.

“About fifty-thousand worth of yollars.”

“That’s fine.”

“Better actually.”

I felt a furry feeling from something soft brushing on my legs. It was Gabriella. The adorable cat purred as if saying we better go. All of a sudden, I felt a soft gust of wind that made my bangs sway

“Sup, Leonne.” The voice sounded deep and familiar. I turned around.

It was Marcus with a blood-dripping head on his flithy hand. 


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