Episode 2.1

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1517. The forest.

Nash-He has fallen. Catch him.

Knights and Sandore got off horses and go to the thief but don't catch him. Here is Lucy instead of Darro.

Sandore-Nash! Come here!

Nash comes to them and crouches and looks at Lucy. She fainted and there is the old paper in her hand. Nash wants to take the paper but Lucy opens eyes and holds the paper. Lucy wants to run.

Nash-Where do you want to run? Give me that paper if you don't want to...

Dake-Nash! Wait!


Dake-That thief wasn't her. He was a man who stole the letter.

Nash-Hmm, ok.

Nash steps back. Lucy stands up and tries to run but hit one of the knights.

Lucy-My heaaad!!!!

Lucy looks around and sees men whose clothes are very old.

Nash-(to 3 knight) You! Explore the whole forest and find him. And you, Ms, keep calm!

3 knights ride through the forest.

Lucy-Where am I?

Nash tries to come closer to Lucy but Lucy steps back. The knight standing near Nash suddenly bows.

Knight-Your highness!

Nash- (bows to knight and whispers) What's wrong with you?

The knight shows the crown laying on the ground. Nash takes the crown.

Nash-Oh! It means you are a princess. But please don't run!

Nash comes to Lucy and puts the crown on Lucy's head.

Lucy-(whispers) A princess?

Nash-(whispers to Lucy)And very beautiful. And dressed very openly.

Nash bows to Lucy.

Nash-Your highness! (To the knights) Hey!

Everyone bows to Lucy.

Everyone-Your highness!

Nash-Now Ms, say your name and tell us what you are doing in Alvingham forest completely alone. Where are your companions?

Lucy-(thinking) Alvingham forest? I've heard this name but where? (remembers the book) (loudly)My name is Lucy...

Nash-Lucy? It doesn't sound familiar.

Lucy-My name is Lucilla Alvingham.

Nash-Lucilla Alvingham in Alvingham forest. Interesting. Is there any connection between your surname and...

Lucy-No no, nothing.

Sandore-But I don't remember any dynasty whose surname was Alvingham. Princess Lucilla, which town's princess are you?

Lucy-My town is...far away.

Sandore looks at Nash.

Nash-What is the name of the town?

Lucy-The town...

Sandore-You don't remember you own town's name?


Nash-Firinland. Sandore, do you know where that town is?

Sandore-It's the first time I've heard that name.

Nash-OK. We will find out the place of Firinland later. Princess Lucilla, you haven't told us where you are going.

Lucy-(herself) Nash, Sandore. (starts to laugh) Now I understand. I thought I had gone crazy. How can I go out of the location shooting? Sorry for disturbing.


Lucy-Location shooting.

Sandore-Maybe she uses another dialect.

Lucy-So aren't you shooting a TV-series. I've heard that a new TV-series about 1500s will air soon.

Nash-Now is 1517.

Lucy-Then you are not shooting a TV-series. It means... Leo! Come here. You have arranged everything great. We could escape.

Nash-There is no man whose name is Leo here. Princess, have your seen where the thief ran?

Lucy-One moment. But there was no forest here. One momeeent, what have you just said?

Nash-I asked abput the thief.

Lucy-It is 1517?

Nash-Let's get out of the forest. You will tell us everything then.

They go out of the forest and Lucy looks at the town from the above. Lucy faints but Nash holds her. Lucy opens her eyes and stands up.

Lucy-It's impossible. Who are you?

Nash-Nash Woodgaze, the general knight of Firington.

Lucy-Nash Woodgaze, Firington, 1517 year. Nash Woodgaze is standing in front of me. And who are you?

Sandore-I'm Sandore, one of the knights of Firigton and a friend of Nash.

Lucy-Sandore. And he considers himself Nash's friend.

Nash and Sandore look at her open-eyed.

Lucy-In fact after death people go to their desired time and meet their beloved heroes. I've spoken dead people all this time.

Nash-Dead people?

Lucy-Damn. But I feel veeery alive.

Sandore-(to Nash) Maybe her head hurtled the ground when she fainted then?

Nash-And I think so. Let's go to town.

Everyone walks to the town.

Lucy-(to Sandore) Be careful. I'm following you.

Two knights walk behind them.

Knight 1-(to knight 2)Don't you think she is a little strange?

Knight 2-(to knight 1) Yes, yes.

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