Chapter 8 - Pure Intentions

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People are asking whether Gabriel will be in this story, YES he will ;)

You'll see...


Chapter 8

Pure Intentions

"What is this?" Kim looked out the window. "A suburb?"

I chuckled quietly. "It reminds me of my neighbourhood when I was fifteen. Minus the fact there are people floating about the street as if it were normal."

It was true. This town was like a suburb with a few shops and a bar.

"Can you feel the door nearby?" Jackson asked us as he stood up from the arm chair.

"Yes." Cameron yawned and stretched. I envied him of that. Stretching after a nice sleep. "It's down the road."

Everyone, except for Cam, turned to me for confirmation and I smiled. "Yes it is.Cam and I were going to check where, right now."

Bonnie sat up from the bed and looked between us. "Together?"

"Yes. Come on, Cameron." I grabbed his hand and yanked him up with me. He was laughing all the way out the room and downstairs. "What?"

"You're a tease," He chuckled.

"So I've been told. Have you been around this part of this world?"

He sighed heavily as we came out of the building. "Once upon a time."

"Was it like this?"

"Not really. It's a lot better than it was when I was here. Now it seems..." He glanced around the slightly busy streets and turned back to me. "Normal."

I noticed a few people glancing between us and said, "Or maybe it's a front."

"I hope not or this will be hell."

"The irony in your words..." I started but stopped. "Over there."

Cam and I detoured from the busy sidewalk into a shop with window. The clerk behind the desk sent us a warm smile and I glanced around at the simple clothes store that sold t-shirts and a mixture of supposed jeans.

"See them?" I pointed out the window toward a group of angels conversing in front of what I assumed to be a bar. "Do you hear what they're talking about?"

"Yes, the basement. How it's off limits."

"They're protectors aren't they? They keep the door locked away until it moves." I stared at the group of ashy blonde males talking about keeping the bar closed tonight but a few disagreed saying how everyone would get suspicious.

"What do you propose we do-?"Cam started but a throat clearing from behind us made us turn.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but are you buying anything?"

I glanced up at Cam's confused face before saying, "Sure. I'll have a few t-shirts. Lord knows I need them."

The young clerk narrowed her eyes briefly at my saying.

"Sorry." I smiled. "Cameron?"

He squared off his shoulders as if this young almost blonde female could be a threat. I grabbed a burgundy red shirt, a white long sleeve and a grey makeshift polo shirt before putting it on the counter. Cameron slipped out his wallet that contained this world's money.

"Is there anywhere to eat around here?" I asked the woman as she accepted the two notes.

"There's a place down the street." She wrapped the shirts up in a scrap of paper and handed it to me. "Thank you."

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