Mikey x YouTuber reader

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you (yt/name) were siting in your room making yet another live stream filmed by your camera man.....Mikey! you had known the guys for a couple of years and out of all of them you got along with Mikey the most. you both like skate boarding, pizza, playing video games, pranging people, and music. you had made it to the middle of your live stream were you were answering questions about your self like what's your favorite collar stuff like that when it came to this one.

"hey (y/n) i'm Scarlet Green. who is your crush? you have to answer honestly!"

'shit' you see your crush for about a year now was the silly orange clad turtle but if he found out just to be rejection all over the internet. "um...um... its m-my camera man M-mikey" you said swallowing dryly. all of a sudden Mikey hit a batten on his watch and turned into a hum-men boy with curly blond hair, baby blue eyes and freckles all over his face.

next thing you know he steps next to you and kisses you an the cheek "hi people of YouTube i'm Mikey" he said waving and walked back over to the camera and fidled with the computer attached to it to make a print on the screan

that said

(y/n) will you be my girl friend?!?

out of no were all your viewers witch was 1936 to be exact tiped in the chat "SAY YES!!"

'say yes to what?' is all you thought before going to your live stream on your phone and seeing the text on your screen " omg Mikey! yes yes a gazillion times yes!!!" you screamed as you cried tears of joy "she said yes boi" Mikey screamed as he picked you up and kissed you on the lips then Donnie had the nerve to tipe "a Gazillion is not a real # (y/n)"and stopped the live stream.

lets just say that the rest of the night was spent kissing, playing video games, and cuddling


sorry loves i have had a shit tone of hockey practice and having to stay after school for detention cause i punched a girl in the face for picking on my sister and saying shit behined her back because of her i have detention for a month!!! thanx for staying with me loves!

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