Doubt Before, Now Believe

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There was once was 9.5 year old girl named Monica, who was a 4th Grade student of National College. She's one of the smart and responsible student in her section.

When she was in 4th Grade, Monica would go to the restroom without the accompany of her friends. Then days passed, she heard there were rumors about ghosts or spirits in the restroom, but she never believed them.

One day, Monica went to the restroom alone. She entered the cubicle and then heard footsteps going towards the stall next to her. Monica looked down, under her cubicle door to see if there's a female student entering the restroom, but she saw nothing. Then Monica heard someone, opening the door of the other stall. She becomes scared and terrified on what she heard and saw, so she ran out and heard someone shut the cubicle door close. Monica looked down below the door to check if there was someone inside using the cubicle and she saw nothing. Monica quickly went out of the restroom after that horrific incident.

This kind of incident is Monica's first ghost experience.

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