Tie Breakers

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All of your stories were excellent and they had many supporters, but some of them had tied! So, let's see which stories are tied and vote for them so we can help them win a place:

[ L E V I   R I V A I L L E ]

For the 2nd and 3rd place:

The Various Things We Should NOT Do or Say Around Corporal Levi

Trusting that Irksome Shortie

[ B E S T    T I T L E ]

For the 2nd and 3rd place:

The Chains of Humanity

Come Round Soon

Our Freedom

[ B E S T    C O V E R ]

For the 3rd place:

Come Round Soon

Our Freedom

Thank you all for participating! Please, leave a comment down here which is saying for which story you want to take the 2nd or 3rd place!

>>> You can vote ONLY for 1 story PER category<<<

>>> You must leave your comment down here or it will not be counted<<<

>>> The votes from the Tie Breakers will NOT be counted in the final results<<<

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