They get to kenneth house...

Brian:What happen to him

Gentry:I don't know but he just passed out*sobing*

Cassie:It's my fault see i should go

Brian:Your arm it's glowing*tries to touch it*

Cassie:No don't touch it*smacks his hands away*

Brian:Is that what hurt kenneth

Cassie:*nods*It really hurts*tears fall*

Gentry:Let me see if i can touch it*touches it*Nothing..nothing is happening

Brian:Then let me see*touches it*Nothing is-*passes out*


Gentry:I guess its against werewolves

Cassie:We need to go find Melodey

Gentry:But-gets cut off

Cassie:With this on my arm i dont think any werewolve will mess with us.....wait we need to hide them

Gentry nods an they throw kenneth an brian down in the basement an locks the door....

Cassie:Good now we can go

We get to the woods an we see Melodey still standing there...

Melodey:I see you came back wat changed your mind

Gentry:*mumbles*Not you for sure

Melodey:What was that

Gentry:Not-gets cut off

Cassie:Why is this thing on my arm against werewolves i thought you were human

Melodey:Look im sorry i lied but im protecting you both 

Gentry:So your not human

Melodey:Of course i am...human witch

Me & Gentry:*Look at each other than her*Well can you help us!!

Melodey:Sure..where are they 

Gentry:I dont want you doin no vodo shit over my house ok


Gentry:Lets go

We get there an bring them upstairs...

Gentry:Here*backs back*

She does some hand stuff an the bruise is gone but it kinda still hurts....

Melodey:Oh..that bruise is going to hurt for a while so put ice on it..oh an cassie i'll still be looking out for the studying

Cassie:*mumbles*If im not scared enough


Melodey:Whats that

Cassie:See you then

Shr leaves an me an brian see gentry & kenneth making out

Us:Ewww..get a room

Them:Once yall get out of here we can this whole house including the steps

Us:Just nasty*leaves*

So brian goes home an im back to living on the street dont wanna go with them nasty's lol

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