A Wake Up Call Part 33

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21nd October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

" What the..." Rem said with a shocked tone of voice as he went to stand up and go see what the problem was. I grabbed his hand to stop him.

" Don't bother. They might come looking for us next and I don't want to play." I said to him in a quiet tone and with a small smile.

" But..." He was starting to say again but I just held my hand up for him to say nothing before motioning him to get into bed.

" Poppa always pranks the newlyweds. He cons then into staying the night then after they have been alone a couple of hours, he goes after them. He does it with every female in the family that gets married from here. I expect him to come calling in a couple of hours. So you may as well get some sleep while you can." I said to Rem as I waited for him to get into the bed so I can finally get some sleep before more excitement starts.

After a moment of listening to Ollie ranting at Gamma, Rem gave a sigh and climbed into bed really carefully and after sliding one arm under me, he pulled me to his chest where I wiggled myself into a comfortable position which included laying my head on his chest and a leg thrown across his thigh with my hand resting over his waist.

I don't remember much after that except waking up in the early hours of the morning to feel a sharp pinching in the lower part of my abdomen. I ignored it for a while, but it was happening every few minutes. In fact, it was becoming downright painful.

Rem was still laying on his back beside me and looked so comfortable in his sleep despite the light snoring that I didn't have the heart to wake the poor man up. But these pains were more than pinches now. They were really gripping me now as they were gaining intensity.

I breathed deeply through them and I have to admit that they were becoming the type to fairly take my breath away. It was also an effort not to groan or growl through them.

Damn it. I had forgotten just how painful these contractions were. I'm not stupid, I know I'm in labor. So, I may as well get up and get myself ready to head into town. Slowly moving inch by inch so as to not disturb Rem too much just yet, I made it to the edge of the bed and remembered that I needed help to get up with this extra load I was carrying.

I leaned over on one side onto my elbow and slowly pushed myself up onto my feet breathing through the contractions that appeared to be coming a little faster than I remembered them when I was having Ollie. By the time I was on my feet and across to the ensuite, I had gone through three stronger contractions.

I noticed that the more I moved, the harder they were becoming. I mean, really, really harder and stronger.

I was leaning forward with my hands clasping the doorpost of the bathroom breathing through another one of these damn pains and counting in my head just how long it was between contractions. Four minutes. Just four minutes between pains. I should get myself ready for the hospital right now.

" Rem." I called out to him as I leant against the door now as I swayed my hips from side to side. The small movements made me feel a bit better. But only slightly.

" Rem." I called out a little louder to him. My voice must have penetrated his sleeping because he moved. But didn't wake up. Poor twit had a big day yesterday. And an even bigger night. The man got himself married after marrying off his only son.

" Damn it. Will you wake up, you bloody man. Rem." I snapped in a louder voice as I felt another stronger contraction coming that was stronger than the others. There was pressure to this one.

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