Camp Haunt

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There once was a 21 year old man named Mike. He is a young teacher and moderator of the Boy Scout club.

One day, Mike tells his students that they're going to have a camp activity in a nearby park. The boy scouts agrees and becomes excited to camp in the park. The next day, Mike and the boy scouts go to the park and camp there in a grass land, which there were trees in the surface.

While the Boy Scouts are sleeping one night in the camp, Mike fixes decorations on stage for the presentation for the next day. As the clock reaches 3am, Mike walks away from the stage and felt something is behind him. He thinks that he's being followed, so he turns around and sees nothing. He keeps walking and feels again that someone is following him, so he turns around again and still sees nothing until he sees a girl in front of him, who was about 10 to 12 years old.

"Do you need any help?" the girl asked Mike. Since the decorations on the stage were done, he replies no.

"No, I'm already done with the decorations on the stage for the presentation tomorrow. Thanks," Mike replied. All of a sudden, the girl disappears in front of him. Mike becomes shock on what he has seen, so he ran as fast as he could go back to their quarters.

The following day, Mike asked the guard about the girl that he sees midnight hours ago.

"The girl that you saw 3am in the midnight, it could be the girl, who was killed when a fluorescent light accidentally fell on her during last year's camp," the guard replied. Mike becomes shock and scared on what he heard from the guard.

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