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"You are such a trash, why are you bothering me?" The girl quickly pulled her arms away from this random drunk guy who is trying to harass her right now. She rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"Come on, beautiful lady." He smirked making her mad. "Come with me!" Then and there, he started pulling her again. His strength is no use. She's stronger than this drunk guy.

"Don't you dare try me." The girl warned him as she once again pulled her arms and started to walk backwards.

"Don't run away from me!" He shouted like crazy. His voice is gargly and you can't hear him clearly. Alcohol is taking over his body, making him weaker than how he is. He held on to the wall because of the sudden weakness he's feeling.

"Woah! Dude! Our friend got this beautiful lady!" Three other guys surrounded the girl after taking three steps away. Making her annoyed.

"No, leave me alone." She coldly stated as she glares at them. Her sharp stares made them shiver but her beauty is still tempting them so they started to walk to her direction.

"Well.. Of course we can't let go this beautiful girl." The bald one said while intertwining his hands together.

"Right." The other two agreed while the drunk guy fell asleep on the ground, beside a filthy trash can. The girl laughed at the thought that he really is a trash and belongs there.

The two guys held the girl then the leader slowly walked to her.

"Let's see.." He held her chin and made her face him.

She blinked a lot of times, making the guy think that she is flirting with him. Ha! Feeler.

The two guys suddenly felt a sharp pain on their arms and immediately let go of the innocent girl. Blood dripping from their arms.

"What the hell?!" They shouted in unison staring at their arms with five holes.

"Don't mess with me, shall I go?" The girl smiled like she didn't see anything. But the bald guy still doesn't want to let her go. He immediately held her in the neck, choking her.

Before she even reacts, a guy threw a shoe on his head. Making him more angry and frustrated.

"Who are you? How dare you hit me with your shoes!" He exploded and was supposed to punch the guy.

"W-wait, no! I'm uh.. Stop. Err.." The guy who threw the shoes scratched the back of his head because he got scared.

Then and there, the girl held on the bald guy's arms, making him shout in pain as his blood drips. Leaving five holes on his arms.

"I'm done! Thank you for the entertainment, but, I need to go before sun rises. My parents would ground me." She smirks as he passed by the poor boy, staring at her in shock.

"Thanks, but I know you're scared. Go home before you get vicitimized by more drunk people." She said as she slowly walked away.

The wind blew as her hair flew to the right.

"W-what.." The speechless boy said, staring at the girl's back.

"I swear, I did not see anything." He shooked his head and walked away.

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