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Alpha Brenton had showed up two hours after Pierce made Olivia a sandwich. Cordelia had Olivia take a bath and Kaden had brought over some over her old clothes that would fit Olivia. Alpha Brenton tried to get Olivia to go back home because it was Olivia's home. But Olivia didn't want to. Between the time she had got to the house and the time Alpha Brenton got there, Olivia had become immensely attached to Cordelia. So Alpha Benton gave up on trying to bring her home and him and Pierce stalked to Pierce's office to talk about the murders.

Cordelia had taken Olivia on a walk to get her out of the house. "Is this going to be my new home?" Olivia asked, looking up at Cordelia. Cordelia nodded. "Yeah. If that's what you want." Cordelia told her. "Why is your tummy big?" Olivia asked. "I have little ones in my tummy." Cordelia smiled down at her. "Like babies?" Olivia asked. Cordelia nodded again. "Yeah."

"Will I have a brother or sister?" Olivia asked. Cordelia shrugged. "Not sure. We just have to wait until they come." Cordelia said. "When?" Olivia asked. Cordelia chuckled. "Probably in a month." Olivia groaned. "I want them now." She said eagerly. Cordelia couldn't help but smile down at the girl. Cordelia didn't expect to have a small girl who had witnessed something terrible happened to trust her so easily. Or to even have her call her mom.

Michael walked up to them and smiled down at Olivia. "Who's this pretty lady?" Michael asked ruffling Olivia's hair. Olivia looked up at Michael then hid behind Cordelia. "Liv, this is Michael. He won't hurt you." Cordelia said and picked the girl up and set her on her hip. Olivia hid her face in Cordelia's neck.

Cordelia gave Michael a sad look. "I'm sorry. She's really shy, it seems like." Cordelia said and rubbed Olivia's back. "Well she seems okay with you." Michael fake pouted. Cordelia giggled. "Yeah." Cordelia said and held Olivia to her.

"Luna!" A pack army warrior called. Cordelia looked toward the voice and saw two of the pack warriors holding onto a young man. No older than thirteen. He was dirty, his what looked like blonde hair, matted, and behind the anger he was letting show, Cordelia could see fear in his obsidian eyes.

"He was walking around the perimeter. And him in wolf form matches the one who killed the woman." The pack warrior on the right said. "The prison is under construction. So we have no where to put him." The other warrior said. "Michael. Take Olivia back to Pierce or Genevieve." Cordelia said and handed over Olivia to him. "Mama." Olivia whined and reached out for Cordelia. "I'll be home soon, Liv." Cordelia told the whining girl when Michael walked away.

Cordelia looked at the warriors. "Leave. Go back to your posts." She ordered them. The two looked at each other and back at Cordelia. "Luna. I don't think that's a good idea." One said. Cordelia shook her head. "Then I'll have to tell Alpha Pierce that you disobeyed your Luna's orders and have him deal with the both of you. You know he won't go as easy on you both." Cordelia said. The warriors nodded their heads and let go of the teen boy and walked away.

The teen looked at Cordelia. He shifted under gaze but tried to run but Cordelia grabbed him by the collar of the shirt, making him choke. "Who are you?" She hissed at him. "Why'd you kill the woman and the parents of a young girl?" Cordelia growled. She was probably overreacting but she was upset. "I-I'm sorry miss. Please don't hurt me." The teen cried, his tears running down his dirt stained cheeks. "My pack.. my pack got burned. I ran away to Frozen Arrow to find help. Just then I changed. I hit puberty and freaked. I couldn't control my wolf. I'm sorry! I tried! I really did! I'm sorry!" He fell to his knees and put his face in his hands.

Cordelia couldn't tell if he was acting or not. But the fear he had in his eyes and the way he was shaking, made her feel sorry for him. Seconds later, Pierce and Alpha Benton came over to Cordelia. "He's the one who attacked the three people?" Pierce asked, eyeing the teen. "He's just a kid."

Cordelia turned to Pierce. "He just hit puberty apparently and he couldn't control his wolf. But I don't know what to do." Cordelia whispered to Pierce. Pierce kept his eyes on the boy. "He killed three innocent people though." Pierce said. "You can't take in every child, love." Pierce told her. "What was it like for you, though?" Cordelia asked him.

Cordelia remembered what it was like when she hit puberty and was able to shift. It was hell for her and took several months to get her wolf under control. It was like that for Pierce too.

"I'm going to take him home and have him wash up. Think you two could talk to him?" Cordelia asked and looked between Pierce and Alpha Benton. They both nodded. "I have some clothes he could borrow that's a little small for me if you check in the closet in our room." Pierce told her.

Cordelia turned to the boy. He was still a crying mess. "Stop crying and come with me." Cordelia said, turned on her heel, and walked away.

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