= Chapter 52 =

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"I'll love you till your last heartbeat."

-Jeremy Lockhart

I used to think that my life was complicated, having the need to choose what to wear every morning, but right now, my life wasn't complicated — it was an utter mess with surprises happening almost everyday. And I don't mean surprises which make you smile, more like surprises that drain the color of your face.

Picture this, your best friend is supposed to be kidnapped, but the next thing you know, you see him across the street. With Jeremy swerving his car through the narrow driveways, he was trying his best not to get spotted by Dante who was ahead of us on his distinctive motorbike.

I took that chance to calm my nerves, Jeremy's cold disposition didn't make the atmosphere any better.

"That bloody bastard, I'm going to-to..." he muttered in frustration.

"You're not gonna do anything, Jeremy. Listen to me Jeremy, you need to chill out and we have to think through everything we are gonna do, alright?" I grabbed his chin and turned it towards my direction, because I doubt he was even listening to me before that.

Giving me a curt nod, he gripped the stirring wheel, and released a breath. The car came to a halt a few meters away from where Dante parked his motor bike. Scanning my surroundings, it seemed suspicious. Too suspicious. Trees stood tall amoug us, unkempt roots spread across the forest ahead.

Holding my hand gently, Jeremy took the lead, we followed the direction Dante headed to. We came upon a cave covered with curtain of plant creepers, I noticed through the small gaps a solid metal door. From behind a bush, Jeremy and I watched Dante approach a man who stood at the entrance of the cave.

The man had a gun secured right at his waist, he gave off a cold demeanor as he stood like a soldier in military camp.

"lealtad." Having said that single word, the man at the entrance moved to the side, allowing Dante to enter unharmed.

Jeremy stood up abruptly but before he could take his first yep dorward, I pulled him back roughly.

"What the hell are you doing?!" I whispered harshly, his blue eyes staring intensely into mine.

"Going in? What do think? We aren't gonna let him get away." He voice held determination, but the vibration of my phone caught my attention instantly.

"Shit." I cursed upon reading who it was from.

"What does it say?"

" Whatever you do, do not enter the cave looking dorm. Trust me, it's a trap.This is Savannah's address: Las Vegas, Fremont Street 77, go find her instead. 3W! " I read it out quietly.

"Is...3W! helping us? Well, that's something new." Jeremy snickered in response.

"This is bullshit, he almost tried to kill us with that fire outbreak in the church! I bet he's messing with our minds!" Jeremy raged as he spoke. Pulling his face closer to mine, I calmed him down just by looking into his eyes.

"I don't know, Jeremy. Something seems weird, I feel that there are two people acting as 3W!..."

"What? Why?"

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