"Well, hanging out in a room like this...I see why you were scared." Harry observed as his eyes darted back and forth across the paintings. He clicked his tongue in contemplation, "They call this the depression room? Because yikes."

I giggled,

"No. This is all Italian artists."

Harry nodded, glancing behind him suspiciously at a painting that was just as violent as the one I'd just been looking at,

"Italian artists who are creepsters."

"I don't think creepster was a word when they lived." I said, elbowing him gently in the side.

He grunted and coughed,

"Ah...alright." His eyes met mine, "Kinda shocked you're looking at this room to be honest. We were discussing Disney princesses last night."

I elbowed him again.

"Ow!" He whisper/yelled, "What did I say?"

I shook my head,

"I like these pieces. They're beautiful and sad."

Harry raised his eyebrows, glancing around the room again,

"And violent."

I gestured to one as I walked forward,

"This one isn't violent."

Harry squinted as he walked forward to read the placard on the wall next to the painting,

"The Abduction of Proserpine." He looked over at me, one eyebrow quirked, "One step down from violent."

I once again lost myself in the painting itself, stepping forward,

"But look at the detail. The blue sky against the dark landscape. It evokes such emotion."

Harry stood behind me. I could tell he was trying and so I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. He didn't know this side of me and I'd been surprising him a lot this week. I felt his hand slid down my arm and then his fingers thread through mine,

"C'mere." He whispered in my ear.

His breath woke the sleeping giant inside of me. The one that was always ready at a moment's notice to connect with him but that I tried to quiet when the time wasn't appropriate.

He pulled me into the next room, rounding the corner as he glanced around to all of the paintings,

"Ah, yes." He started, walking towards a huge one displayed on one wall alone, "See? Now this is the type of art that evokes emotion."

I took a step forward to read the placard,

"Marine Gods Paying Homage to Love." I read.

It was then that I noticed Harry was close, much closer than he was usually in public places. I could feel his warm breath against my neck, heating my core with each pass over my skin. I looked up at him through my eyelashes, blinking a couple times while I tried to control my rapidly accelerating heartbeat.

Harry stepped forward, so I stepped back. He did again, so I did again, until we were up against the wall next to the painting.

I looked up at him, swallowing hard. I could feel his erection up against my thigh, while his fingers traced whispery patterns over the skin of my arms,

"What do you have in store for me tonight, Love?" He asked, his voice low, "Green? Orange? You said no more costumes so it seems I'm left with colors."

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