Trick Or Treat

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Spending Halloween Together!

Aoi Valt

Valt gets scared easily.

But he loves candy.

So, Halloween was a love-hate relationship.


"Boo!" You shout. Valt screamed, falling off of the couch. Once he saw you, he whines. "(Y/n)! You're mean!" You chuckled. "I know. Are you going Trick or Treating?" You ask Valt. He nods. "Heck yeah!" You smirked. "Dressing as what?" He stands up and looks proud. "I'm going to dress up as Valkyrie!" You actually laughed.

"As your Beyblade?" You ask. Valt nods. "Yep!" You awed. "That's going to be cute."

"What're you going to be dressing as?" He asks. "Nothing really." Valt gasps. "W-What?! Are you not going to go Trick Or Treating?!" You shrugged. "I'm not a fan of candy, honestly." Valt screamed more. "WHAT!" "Yeah, but I did promise your Mom to supervise Tokonatsu and Nika when they go Trick or Treating." Valt looked gloomy. "Hey, don't be too upset. I actually saw this one house down the road that has the scariest looking decorations." You say, your eyes sparkling. Valt then smiles.

"But, it's fun to scare you." "No!"

Kurenai Shu

You heard a little knock.

"Oh! Must be more little kids." You say. "Shu, cmon, let's give the trick or treaters what they want." Shu pops out of the bathroom. "(Y/n), could you do this one for me? I'm almost done with the costume." You nod, "Okay!"

You walked towards the door, with the bowl of candy in hand. "Trick Or Treat!" They say. You awed. "Awe, all of you are so cute!" There were four kids in total.

One girl was dressed as Tinkerbell. A boy was dressed as Peter Pan. Makes you wonder if they're related. One younger looking kid dressed up as Batman. And lastly, there was an older looking girl dressed as Cinderella.

"Here you go," You say, giving the sweets to the little kids. "Thank you!" They say, running off. "You're welcome!"

As soon as you closed the door, you felt fake fangs bite into your neck.

You squealed as you turned around, to see none other than your boyfriend. You place a hand over your chest. Feeling your fast beating heart. "Oh my goodness, Shu, you actually scared me." Shy chuckled. Giving you a peck on your forehead, he smiled.


Kiyama Rantaro

Rantaro loves Halloween. He loves the candy the most. 

"Rantaro! Hurry up!" You shout from downstairs. "In a minute!" He yells back.

Tonight, you were dressed as a vampire. Cliche, I know, but you basically ran out of ideas. Rantaro dressed as a devil.


You heard me.

The devil.

I mean, he's the devil anyways so-

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