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Ch.43 Only half

"Fresh?" Savages voices spoke through the door as I told her she could come in.

"No offense bro, but your sister's a criminal, you and your future hubbie are both crippled, and your having a retard like me act like your baby lullaby mama, and you just paniced in front of everyone. Brother...the fuck are you doing with your life?" Savage asked grabbing my head and shaking my head back and forth as if it were helping.

"I don't know...I paniced. Im still under eighteen and so is she, if they found out about us not having parents then it's off to a foster home or orphanage with us...How could I ever explain that to them...?" I sighed putting on my spare shades on.

"...I know that." She sighed for once sounding genuine instead of her normal sassy and goofy self.

"...Some times I wonder why you even trust me with these things...You know I can be a huge clutz or dope, hell I could've screwed us all over if I hadn't rushed that nurse out the way I did earlier." She sighed leaning against a counter.

I sighed. She's having a slow internal break down again, and I wonder what triggered it this time. Some of you may understand, some of you might not but it's pretty repeatable.

Savage has a tendency to look down on herself, to think she wasn't good enough despite her personality. She grew up a lot like me, except she at least had one parent.

She use to live with her mother, sister, little brother, and once even with her fatorical twin. She always felt diffrent...always was. She wasn't like anyone else in many ways, and despite everyone seeing this they never gave her a chance. She's a complete bad ass for the most part, yes. But even the ying and yang sign proves that everything and everyone has a bad side. She was no diffrent from me when it came to self doubt.

"Amber, your a good person. Don't make me repeat that." I said taking off the white shades West gave me in the beginning of the school year, I stared her directly in the eyes as she sighed.

I saw her eyes glazing over with tears but she didn't let them flow, she never did when others were around. She didn't have to say it though, her sigh was enough to prove she wasn't convinced.

"What are we going to do? PJ's here, please tell me you told him or at least gave some kind of clue." She asked as I cringed.

I hadn't really thought much on him finding out about Savage pretending to be my mom, I was just hoping he wouldn't find out.

"..." I stood silent. I could tell she knew what I was thinking.

"...Great...your such a bone head sometimes! All the time if you think of that in a literal way." She sighed but laughed trying to lighten the mood as always.

"...You okay sis, you've been quiet the whole time?" I asked as Lux shrugged.

"I'm still not use to talking a lot...and I think he found out." She mumble pointing to the door, me and Savage both turned to the door to see PJ leaning against the door with a confused look.

"...Well shit, how the hell and when did you get in here without making a sound?" Savage asked as I glared at her for cussing.

"I came throught the door, you derp. Clue about what?" He asked.

"..." I couldn't say. I kinda wanted to, but it felt like a forbidden spell just waiting to make all of our lives hell; especially mine.

"...I can't..." I sighed knowing the memories will hit me harder than the wrecking ball in that one singer's song.

"..." Lux stayed silent too.

Savage sighed seeing her efforts to lighten the mood being thrown out the window.

"It's a bit complicated." She said but PJ simply shrugged.

"He's complicated, so if telling what's happened is complicated just look at him and everything will seem normal suddenly." PJ waved it off as I blushed.

"Hey!" I yelped as he smiled at me pointing at my face.

"Are you embarrassed?" He asked as I blushed darker since he noticed me blushing in the first place, I stood silent not wanting to stutter.

"...Fresh, let's go talk about what ever's going on. Like Sa-veggie here said your going to have to tell me sooner or later, so why not sooner?" He asked as I sighed knowing he was right.

"Oh, okay. Sure! At least we all know I'm healthier than you'll ever be PB&J." Savage laughed as we all laughed the moment PJ and Savage playfully glared at each other.

We told the nurse in the front we would be outside, Savage and Lux wallked off. As Savage told her about every single one of my embrassing moments, if that's not a friend i don't know what is.

"So...What's this big secret that you three seem to be so choked up about?" PJ asked trying to lighten the mood.

I smiled a little.

"It...was a long time ago. I was a kid, she obviously was to but..." I trailed off not sure if I wanted to get into detail.

"Ugh, it was my birthday and some things happened...we lost everything that night, even each other...I thought she was dead and I- I'll never forget that night. Neither will she..." I trailed off looking at his eye's.

"You lost everything...? So your..." He trailed off as I nodded.

"I even lost my mom that day, along with everything else...that's why I secretly got upset when you all celebrated it. I tried to be all cool about it but..." I felt tears form in my eyes, thank goodness I still have my gym shades on.

"...Y-You even got the same cake..." I laughed shakily looking away, when suddenly I felt my hand being grabbed.

I looked at PJ as he looked away, pulling me into a hug.

"..." I stood silent not sure what to do besides melt in his embrace.

" I...I'm sorry..." He apologized as I shook my head.

"Don't be." I mumbled.

'You still don't even know half the story.'

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