Calm The Fire: 36

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How did this happen? Bilbo stood watching with confused eyes as many forms – which were slightly taller and broader than himself – pottered around his little home. His little home, which was now virtually pulled apart. Not literally, but that's what it felt like.

Things were being moved about, and no matter how much he said to put it down, or to leave it alone, would they listen? No. Dwarves, Bilbo quickly figured out, had selective hearing. Or at least that's what he thought, or they were just pretending he wasn't present, despite this being his home.

“Ah,” snatching a plate from someone, he wasn't sure who, he tried to find a safe place to put it. Right now there was no such thing as safe. Hearing a chuckle he looked over his shoulder. “You, you find this funny?” Bilbo asked while stepping forwards, clutching the plate to his chest.

“It is somewhat amusing,” Gandalf replied coolly. His eyes looked slowly away from Bilbo as there was another knock on the door. Looking back to Bilbo he looked to the door.

Getting the message, Bilbo trotted forwards, he opened the door and blinked. Gandalf had said that Thorin was the last guest, he clearly lied. The last Dwarf to arrive however turned away from his comrades to look sceptically towards the door.

“No vêr i thîn. I eneth nîn, Náriel. Odulen an gin eliad...” The feminine Elven voice trailed off, Bilbo blinked slowly. “Perian...” She trailed off again and looked Bilbo up and down curiously.

“Erm, I’m sorry, but...are you lost?”

“No, she most certainly isn't lost.” Gandalf said while patting Bilbo on the shoulder, he looked up and then back to seemingly the last guest. “Are you going to invite her in, Bilbo?”

“Oh! Yes, yes, come, come,” he removed one hand from the plate which he was still holding and waved it her way.

He received a smile as the female walked in. She gave a small sigh and looked around, she was either opting to ignore the narrow eyed looks Thorin was sending her way, or she was just oblivious to it.

Clapping her hands together she reached up and pushed down the hood of her dark cloak. Turning to Bilbo she smiled. “Good evening, Master Baggins.” Tilting her head to the side she looked over her shoulder. A pitying look flitted onto her face. “Hm,” humming she turned and bowed slowly. Looking up through her hair she watched as Thorin merely turned and walked away, Bilbo stepped beside her. Standing up straight she looked up at Gandalf.

He frowned and grumbled quietly to himself while following him through the door way. “Give it time, Náriel.”

Náriel looked to Bilbo, she raised an eyebrow and looked to the plate he was still holding. “Is that precious to you, Master Baggins?”

“Oh? Oh! No, no, this? This, no,” he said awkwardly while giving an odd laugh and placing it down on a nearby shelf.

“Been a rough evening, for you?”

“You wouldn't imagine!”

“I could.”

Bilbo suddenly shook his head and looked to her. “How do you know my name?” Náriel just smirked, “Gandalf,” he mumbled, upon hearing his name, the Wizard appeared around the door frame and looked at them. Bilbo smiled widely and watched as he disappeared again.

“So,” his arms loosely patted his sides. “You are...who? If you don't mind me asking?”

“She's Princess Náriel of Mirkwood, niece to King Thranduil.” Thorin explained in a blunt tone, he stood in front of Gandalf, in the door way.

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