Calm The Fire: 34

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Flitting birds and scurrying animals is what greeted Náriel when she entered Radagast's home. Though she had to duck under low hanging branches, which seemed to help keep the ceiling up, she noted that his home was quite cosy. She liked it, a lot, it was so vastly different to the clean pale bricked walls of her home.

Looking to the owner of the small building, she raised an eyebrow. She was standing rather awkwardly in the door way as Radagast pottered around talking to himself. Suddenly whistling she raised an eyebrow as a bird appeared and carried off the small bundle of plants he had just produced from his pocket.

For the most part, it seemed that she had been forgotten. Though in saying this, Radagast quickly glanced her way and gave a small start. “Oh!” She had just been remembered. “Princess,” he sounded awkward. “You being here isn't going to bring a legion down on me is it?”

“It shouldn't do.” She replied coolly while walking away from the door. Radagast watched her guardedly, though he didn't seem to mind her being here, it was clear he wasn't totally confident or trusting about her, just yet at least. Stopping near the table she smiled suddenly, cupping her hands she picked up one of the small spiky creatures which was pottering around on the surface.

“That's Sebastian,” Radagast said with a smile. It was obvious he thought dearly of the creature.

Náriel smiled, Sebastian's little beady eyes looked up at her simply as his nose twitched every so often. “He is very sweet.” She said honestly, for the creature in her hands was very, very sweet in her eyes. Frowning suddenly she placed him down, shaking her head she looked to him. “No,” she was getting back to their earlier topic. “No Elf would come this far South. Not in Mirkwood anyway.”

Radagast hummed thoughtfully and pottered around the table. Picking up a kettle – which seemed a little too moss covered for its own good – he waved it at her. Náriel smiled and gave a nod, though she looked at the kettle sceptically. Radagast didn't pay much mind to her expression and continued making them something to drink. It was then that Náriel determined that he was a very kind person. Though still sceptical of her, he was still polite and kind.

“Yet here you are, how is that so?” Radagast looked at her curiously. He lifted up his hands and tapped his fingers together thoughtfully. “Did you not have trouble?”

“Immense.” Náriel said simply. “Though I had help.”

“You have friends in the palace, Princess, good friends, if so why would you leave them behind?”

“Because I do not wish to be locked away for much longer.”

“Locked away?” Radagast repeated and blinked suddenly catching on. “Oh,” he said with a nod. Fidgeting from foot to foot he looked to the kettle which suddenly let out a high pitched scream from being boiled over the simple fire.

“I also wish to know if the rest of my home is suffering as much as it was near the palace.”

This seemed to cause Radagast to stop his movements. He put the kettle down and looked over his shoulder at her. Náriel had taken to playing with Sebastian again, she smiled as he pottered around near her hands.

“Oh,” he said while putting a cup down in front of her. She looked at the content sceptically. She had never seen such earthly coloured tea before. “It's good,” Radagast said with a humble smile while drinking his own drink. Seeing as how he was drinking it, and it wasn't effecting him, Náriel bought the cup to her lips and drunk slowly. It did taste good. Though there was an underlining taste of earth, but there was also sweetness lingering too.

“You exploring Mirkwood, Princess?”

“Please, Náriel,” she said while putting the cup down.

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