Calm The Fire: 33

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Running and leaping onto another branch, Náriel steadied her arm before letting the arrow fly from her bow. It sunk with a satisfying 'thunk' into the leg of a spider. Frowning she easily jumped down and unsheathed her sword, walking stealthily forward she let out a scream when she was suddenly vaulted forwards.

Aiming her weapon upwards she winced and shut her eyes as the blood from the spider above her oozed out slowly and thickly. She resisted the urge to gag as it splashed against her. Hearing calls she dared to crack open an eye as the spider was suddenly beaten aside and someone tugged her up roughly.

Legolas looked her over and frowned. “Don't say it,” Náriel said with a small pout while looking down at herself.

“Feel sorry for yourself later, Náriel.” Legolas said while pulling her back as a spider leg slammed down in front of them, the creature itself was on its back. Slowly but surely its thick black appendage curled up. It was dead, the last squealed noise from it echoed as its comrades scuttled off up their misty webs. A chattering and clicking noise followed them, but that too soon faded into nothing.

“We should go after them,” Tauriel appeared by her side and looked her over.

“Don't say it,” Náriel repeated while flicking the gore from her sword.

“Teaches you for running off.” Legolas said while putting a hand on her shoulder and nudging her forwards back towards the palace.

“What?” Náriel exclaimed. “I didn't run off. This teaches me nothing.”

“I think it teaches you that you need help.” Tauriel said quietly while Legolas nodded agreeing.

“I didn't try and take the thing on all by myself! You two were over there, and that one,” she pointed to the one curled up on its back. “Was just going to get cut down...then its friend appeared behind me, and well, I don't need to continue.” She said while eventually trailing off. “Thank you both though.” She smiled up at them both, Tauriel smiled lightly and shook her head whereas Legolas just looked at her despairingly.

This wasn't the first time that she had tried going solo while they were all out. It had been many weeks, months even since the destruction of the Lonely Mountain. Since then Náriel had found numerous ways to get into slightly tricky situations. Whether out here or in the palace. Her and Thranduil hadn't spoken as much since the Lonely Mountain's downfall, not that she minded too much. Though she was sure he was well aware of her habits and what she was getting up to.

If he wasn't then Náriel wouldn't find herself being watched each time she took a stroll around her home. She was being watched. For peace of mind, for curiosity's sake, or just to keep tabs she didn't know. All she knew is that she wasn't as free in Mirkwood as she once was.

This bothered her, she loved her home, despite the changes it had undertook, it was still very close to her heart. She could hear – even now – the almost silent footsteps which followed her down a corridor. It was sometime later, she had bathed changed and ate. Much like most times after her dinner meal she went for a walk.

Looking over her shoulder she frowned as the shadow which was following her flitted to one side, trying its hardest to stay hidden. Sighing she looked up and around the light bricked structures around her. Tall pillars rose up to the sky and kept the ceiling up and the thick wooded canopy away.

“You have an admirer,” Tauriel appeared suddenly by her side. Náriel blinked slowly and looked up at her.

“And you haven't?” Was Náriel's retort, she knew her cousin was fond of her, and she seemed to get great pleasure out of bringing this up. Tauriel narrowed her eyes down at her. Náriel smiled. “What are you doing?”

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