Calm The Fire: 32

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The day the dragon came was like any other. Market stalls within Dale were lining the streets. The owners called out and chatted to each other, or to people that passed that they knew. None of them had any idea of what was slowly travelling on the wind, splitting clouds apart and blocking out the light as it made its way steadily closer.

The sun was shining brightly only to suddenly get eclipsed. The sudden disappearance of the sun caused the people to look up in wonder. They wanted to know what the cause of the sudden darkness was.

The last thing any of them expected was the rain of fire, ash and smoke which enveloped them all. The market stalls caught ablaze and those who were nearby recoiled in horror, shielding their faces from the bright flames and the thick smoke which arose.

People fled, running wildly, children screamed with fright. More fire rained down on them, the being wanted to make sure that all had been destroyed and not a lot remained that was standing in one piece.

Bearing down on Dale one last time, the large winged shadow passed by fully and made its way speedily towards Erebor. The being didn't cast a look back as its tail whipped sharply behind it, making a cracking sound like a whip in the air.

A Fire-drake from the North had arrived, Smaug, and many would remember his name. If they did not know of him, they would know his name and of the deeds he had done.

The guards which stood on the thick stone walls of Erebor saw the oncoming winged shadow and turned to call out its arrival. Bar the doors, though they were so easily cast away. Stone which took so long to build up and shape were discarded and broken and smashed into small pieces in no time.

There was nothing that was going to stop Smaug from getting into the Mountain. No amount of brick, stone, or defending Dwarves was going to get in his way. He was coming in, whether they wanted it or not.

His form crashed through the halls, his feet and claws ripping up the corridors as he went. The debris from his arrival went hurtling around the space. Some collided with escaping figures, some crashed into the walls and destroyed them further.

Letting out a deafening roar, Smaug barely registered a small band of Dwarves which managed to escape his eyes and his clutches. It mattered not. Let them go. He had what he wanted, a few ragtag survivors meant nothing to him. They wouldn't return. They wouldn't challenge him. If they did, they would be defeated. All would perish, and all would die in fire and ash and smoke.

Smaug had taken over Erebor, and he was now the new King Under the Mountain. And those who would dare to question him will face dragon fire and know no more.


Scrambling out of Erebor, Thorin turned and looked to his destroyed home. He frowned and looked to Balin who was by his side. He seemed out of breath from the sudden running. When he spied what had happened too, he let out a heavy sigh, both looked heartbroken.

Running a little further away as to avoid the wrath of the dragon in case he saw them lingering on the doorstep, Thorin's eyes looked around. Dale laid nearby, smouldering with heavy thick smoke, ash lingered in the air and flew in the breeze which was present.

Looking to a nearby hillside, Thorin's eyes landed on the host of Elves which were looking down at them. Thranduil sat on an Elven elk. In front of him sat Náriel. Both pairs of eyes looked down at him and his kin with shock and horror. Even from this distance, Thorin could see Náriel turn and look up to her uncle, her mouth moved and all she got in return was a minor shake of the head.

“Help us!” Exclaiming he looked up at the Elves.

Thranduil tilted his head to the side, his eyes looked from the destruction of Dale, to the smashed down large doors of Erebor itself. His gaze eventually landed on the soot covered Dwarves, and their worried, frightened expressions. The Elvenking looked to his surrounding army and then back down. Frowning lightly he turned away. Náriel tried to wriggle off of the elk she was seated on, only for an arm to wrap itself around her waist to stop her moving.

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