I Believe in You (1)

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I Believe in You  

Part 1: 'Don't Feel Like Dancing'  

As Jenny stood at the wall watching everyone at the disco, she couldn't help thinking that she would rather be at home, in bed. Scanning the room for the millionth time, she watched all the happy, skinny people dancing. As she saw them move elegantly, and watching how approachable they were made her even feel worse about herself. She was always the girl stuck on the outside, with fat thighs. Jenny only went to her school's Spring Ball because Annie had persuaded her to. And now, Annie kept sniggering at her every time she looked at something to eat. Jenny could feel her fat bulging out of her dress, and suddenly felt very hot and embarrassed. She had always known she was a freak and an outcast and wished Annie would help her fit in. Out of boredom, she walked over to the snack table, again. Looking at the food spread out appetizingly made her stomach rumble loudly. "You can't eat anything, your dress might rip from the immense pressure" giggled Annie, appearing out of nowhere and looking over Jenny's shoulder. Even though she had certainly skipped enough meals to look good in the dress, Jenny now saw that it was a waste of time. She walked back over to the wall, breathing in the whole time, trying to think about when would be the best time to leave.  

Luke was dancing with this girl, whose name he had seemed to have forgotten. She was a rubbish dancer, a rubbish kisser and quite unattractive. While looking over her shoulder for his new prey, her eyes landed on the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her pale skin shone like the moon in the dark hall, her brown hair was rich like chocolate, her doe-like eyes shined with unshed tears. She looked distraught and was quickly moving towards the exit. Leaving his current dance partner, and ignoring her annoying protests he jogged towards the girl that he hoped wasn't a figment of his imagination. He followed her into the corridor, and, when he was right behind her he decided to tap her on her shoulder, trying not to scare her. She shrunk away from his touch and turned to face him. Luke saw that she was really upset she was so he decided to talk. "Hey, um, are you okay?" As her eyes looked deeply into his, they relaxed. She looked down, trying to get away from the intensity of his eyes. "I will be", she answered in a whisper, her voice breaking, and began to walk away. Before Luke could stop himself, he called towards her. "Hey, wait!" She slowly turned round to face him. Luke put his hand on her shoulder and asked, "When will I see you again?" Hanging her head lower and moving her shoulder from his grip she replied: "Monday period 2, French", before walking away and not looking back.  

Walking briskly, Jenny went to retrieve her coat from the cloakroom. She would not let her tears fall, not at school. She couldn't wait to go home and take off the stupid dress. No one had recognised her, no one cared. Sure, she may have done her hair differently, put on makeup, put on heels, and worn a dress, but Luke had only just noticed her. Jenny would rather stay invisible than be pitied by him. Shrugging her arms into her red winter coat, she walked outside. It was early May, but the month didn't matter anymore. She was always cold. As she was heading towards the bus stop, Annie stopped her and rolled her eyes. "Don't you need to walk?" she asked aggressively. Jenny sighed inwardly. She had forgotten that Annie was with her. She wished Annie would leave her alone sometimes. But then she would have no one. Annie started to talk, taking Jenny back onto Earth. "To burn all those extra calories you just put on?" Pulling her hat on, hunching her shoulders against the breeze and knowing Annie was probably right, Jenny began to walk through the dusky streets to get hone.  

Luke was confused. He had never seen that girl before, he was certain. Looking around the hall, he noticed that the disco didn't look as interesting as it did before. Luke walked out of the stuffy hall and felt the light summer breeze on his face. He smiled. That girl had a secret, and he will find it out. Looking at the bus times, and seeing he had time to waste, Luke went into the newsagents [Corner shop, Sweet shop] to buy something to eat while he waited. He greeted the man behind the till with a manly nod, grabbed some crisps and walked over to wait in the queue. The woman in front of him was wearing a red winter coat and a woolly grey hat, but it wasn't cold. Puzzled, he looked over her shoulder to see what she was buying. A dozen bars of chocolate and packs of chewing gum. 'Figures' he thought and shrugged his shoulders. As she gracefully left the shop, he decided to question the shop keeper; no one in their right mind should do that to themselves, it's not natural. "That girl before me", he casually started, "does she come in here often?" He nodded his head towards the door. The old man nodded in agreement. "Yeah, she does", he said. "She always comes in, before school I guess, when it's empty. Always buys the same thing too. But I can't refuse to sell to her. I try to keep an eye out for her you see. I don't want it to get worse." Luke silently agreed as he paid and went back outside to sit and wait for his bus.

"Mum, I'm home!" Jenny shouted as she opened her front door. "I'm in here, Hun", her mum said from the living room. Jenny went to go and meet her. She was sprawled across the living room settee [couch], eating chocolates out of a box like a dramatic film star. "Hi honey" her mum said in her sophisticated drawl. "How was the dance? Why are you home early?" Jenny glanced at the clock and saw that it was 8 pm. Jenny ignored the second question she answered, "It was okay" Her mum smiled, grateful that her only daughter was going out and enjoying herself. "Jenny, Darling, can you check on your brother? He broke up with his boyfriend today. I'm worried about him; he's been playing really loud music all evening." Jenny's brother, Jason, was her non-identical twin, and they were very close. Jason was the complete opposite to his sister- very loud, optimistic an extrovert and very emotional. It didn't come as a surprise to find out he was gay, and everyone accepted it. Jenny nodded and went straight to Jason's room. As she got closer she could hear him strumming on his guitar. At least he had calmed down, she thought. Knocking twice, without waiting for an answer she walked in and sat on the edge of his bed. "Mum told me about Liam, are you okay?" Jason looked at her and smiled lightly. He began to frown as he noticed her winter coat and the plastic bag. "Jenny" he whispered, with disappointment clearly in his voice. Jenny looked away, out at the traffic underneath his window. He sighed. He hated knowing his sister felt like this and couldn't confide in him about it. "Jen, you need to st-". Jenny cut him off violently, "don't tell me what to do" she spat. Annie had been back for weeks, helping her to buy her dance dress. She had liked the familiar company, it was better than being alone. "You need to stop going back to her Jen. You really do."Jason told Jenny. Jason went over to his sister and comforted her. He didn't like seeing her like this, weak, torn apart. "So, what happened at the dance?" he tried to casually ask. This made Jenny burst out crying suddenly. "What happened?" he asked sternly. Because Jenny was so meek he felt he had to protect her. "Nothing really", Jenny replied in between sobs. "I'm going to bed" she said coolly as she went out the room.

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