Time With Kazuto

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"Kazuto it's me Asada can I come in?"

Nobody answers so she let's herself in "Kazuto?" while closing the door behind her. She looks and sees Kazuto sleeping in his bed. She walks over and smiles then sits on the bed watching him sleep. "I never known how peaceful Kazuto looks when he sleeps and how handsome Wait what am I saying he's just a friend No Asada I can't have these thoughts especially after he just lost Asuna"

A few minutes later Kazuto wakes up.

"Hey Kazuto"

Kazuto notices Asada and immediately embraces her with a hug

Kazuto" with a shock impression on her face

"Can we stay like this for a bit" Kazuto saids

"Sure Kazuto"while wrapping her arms around him

-Few minutes later-

Kazuto lets go of Asada then Asada looks at Kazuto's eyes

"His...eyes are"

"Asada you okay"

"Huh what... Oh nothing" while slightly blushing"

Kazuto stares at Asada then realizes

"Has Asada ever been this cute"

"U-um Kazuto can you stop starring at me like that"

"Oh sorry" while slightly blushing as well

"It's' alright"

Then the door suddenly opens and it's Suguha

"Umm why are your faces red?

"What are you doing in here with a smirk" Suguha saids.

Both say "nothing" in unison to Suguha

"Umm okay well Kazuto are you feeling any better"

"Yeah I fine thanks to Asada for being here with me.

"I'm glad to hear it thanks Asada for coming and see him"

It's no worries I'm just glad I can be of some help to Kazuto"

"Well thanks Asada" Kazuto saids

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