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still Craig's p.o.v.

“Who the hell did you get HIV from?”

I screamed at Miya infuriated. That meant my dick had the hiccups too. I knew damn well she didn’t get it from me so that meant she had to have spread it to me though. This was some straight up bullshit. I felt like killing this girl right here, right now. She just kept on crying though and handed me more papers. Pregnancy test results that came out positive and said she was 65 days pregnant which equaled a couple days over 2 months aka around the same time her and Roc had been having sex. I stood up, ready to slap her but then Ci walked in the room so I softened up a bit. She walked over to Miya and rubbed her back then looked up at me.

“I guess she mustve of told you.”

“Yea but im assuming she didn’t tell you something that you need to know.”

She wrinkled her forehead at me obviously confused. I didn’t want to let her know that her sister had been sleeping with her boyfriend who probably has the package and could’ve also given it to her as well so I decided to just shut up but then Miya finally opened her mouth.

“Get the whole crew together. We all need to have a talk.”

An hour later, we were at “Sip ‘n’ Chill,” a hang out spot that my dad and Roc’s dad owned together. Ironic right? It was built for teens to sip[soda and juice obviously] and chill. They sold snacks here too so you know we were loaded down with chips and candy. We were all ducked off in a room that was built for us only, sitting on bean bags, while everyone had different looks on their faces. After like, 30 minutes of stalling, Miya stood up to say what she had to say. I could see Ray smirk in the corner of my eye. I think this drama shit aroused him but you couldn’t really be mad or blame him. Our crew did carry some crazy and unusual drama.

“The only people this really involves is Ci, Roc, Craig, & I but I wanted the rest of the crew here just in case things got a little…crazy..”

She took a deep breath then continued.

“Ci, youre my sister, my bestfriend, my everything, but I betrayed you in the worst way. For the past 2 ½ months… Roc and I have been… sleeping with each other.”

Ci grabbed her chest then covered her face with her hands. I rushed over to her then she grabbed me and started screaming and crying on my shoulder. Good thing these walls are sound proof. Roc ran over to her and she just punched him over and over again while he tried his best to ignore the fact that she hits like a man and continued to try and calm her down. Ray told him that he needed to go to the other side of the room because he was just making this tantrum worse. Once we got her to calm down, she finally spoke up.

“How could you Miya? I cant believe the one person I never thought would fuck me over ended up being the one to do just that. So that means…. That means I might have HIV too!”

Roc’s mouth dropped and everyone gasped. This was one crazy ass situation.


Sitting in this health department is doing something to my soul right now. We were all sitting around waiting on our results. 2 weeks ago, all of us including Miya, took the test. Those two weeks were by far the hardest weeks I ever had to go through. When the nurse came inside of the room, my heart beat increased. I was positive everyone could hear it because I could hear theirs.

“All of your results came out negative. I guess Mrs. Taylor’s results came out wrong. Next time, use protection.”

After she said that, I immediately started crying like a lil bitch but there was still something everyone needed to know. Who was Miya pregnant by?

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