Chapter Four, The Royal Departure

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Chapter Four, The Royal Departure

"What're you going to name them?" Jon asked his good-sister as he stroked the green dragon who was perched on his knee. Jon, Sansa, Arya and Rickon were sat on the floor along with their direwolves in Robb and Morgana's room. They had come to see how Morgana was as she was ill once more and to help with the dragons. "We're not sure just yet." Robb answered his brother as he sat beside Morgana on the bed making sure his wife didn't move from the bed. "You really should see Maester Luwin Ana." Jon said with a frown not liking seeing her so ill.

"I will if I'm no better in a week." Morgana replied stubbornly running her fingers through Rickon's hair who was curled up beside her. She wondered if it was what she thought it was. Robb and Jon sighed both sharing a look as they knew how stubborn she was.

Just as Robb was about to try and convince his wife again to see Maester Luwin or at least do a spell to see what was wrong a shadowy figure materialised within the room covered in a dark black cloak and holding a sheathed sword. Acting immediately Robb and Jon leapt from their spots and pulled out their swords pointing them at the intruder, Arya copying her brothers and doing the same as they stood in front of the bed. All the wolves growled at the intruder just waiting to attack. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" Robb asked in a dangerous voice.

The intruder ignored him which angered Robb more, as the intruder turned to his sick wife. "Hello Mistress. I bring you a gift from your ancestors of this time. This is Dark Sister, only a true Taragyren Princess can use it. I fear you will he needing it in the coming months." The intruder spoke showing of the valyrien sword before it disappeared only to reappear on the bed beside Morgana. "Who are you?" Robb growled.

"I am Death." The intruder now known as Death says simply. Everyone except Morgana froze as they looked at the being before them. "You are not taking my wife." Robb said desperately.
"I have not come to take my Mistress I have come to warn her and you. I am sorry Mistress a war is brewing one I did not foresee. You must beware not everyone is as they seem." Death spoke solemnly never looking away from Morgana's grim face. "Mistress?" Arya asked confused.
"I'm the Mistress of Death. It's what this mark means." Morgana told them showing them the mark on her wrist.

"I'm sorry I didn't say before." She apologised sadly it Jon and the rest of her good-siblings; she had told Robb when they were teens and for his credit he had taken it rather well and had told her that it changed nothing how he felt about her, instead it showed what a brave and kind girl she was for over coming everything in her past life and what had happened when she was young.

"You haven't come to take my wife." Robb asked once more sheathing his sword as he now had calmed down enough to hear what was being said but was frightened why Death was here. "No, Robb. I have not come to take her or your brother Bran instead I have come with a warning and to tell you all the truth as no one seems to be doing so.

Jon you are not Eddard's bastard son. Instead you are Morgana's older half brother, your father is Rhaegar Taragyren and your mother is Lyanna Stark, when she was dying she made Eddard promise to take you in and protect you. Knowing she loved you dearly he swore on his life and took you in making everyone believe you were his bastard. I know this is a shock but it is the truth. I am telling you this so you are all prepared for what's to come and for you all to know the truth, you must know in your heart this to be true for you have always felt different. And I can not lie especially to my Mistress.

Beware there will be a war brewing soon you all know this from Morgana as she is a Seer. Beware of the Lannisters. You must tell no one of this and must act as if you have done before, Mistress tell the rest the truth it will help." And with that Death was gone leaving everyone confused and worried about what was to come.  "Why must he be so cryptic!" Morgana complained. She sighed as she told the story of her past life leaving nothing out when Robb threw a look at her. When she finished Jon kneeled in front of the bed and hugged his newly informed sister tightly and wiped away her tears. When had she cried? She didn't realise.

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