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*Trigger warning ⚠*

Bella's POV

One after one flashbacks came back of him. He was the one who haunted my dreams. The one who tortured me for years because of his selfish needs.


" where are you?" His sickening voice rang out in the dark room.

"Bella, come on. Dont be like this." He groaned.

I snuck out from behind the door. I backed up then bolted for the door.

"Shīt!" He growled.

I jumped down the stairs, taking two steps at a time. I pumped my legs faster as soon as I saw the door.

The door was unlocked, thank god. I had thrown the door open and jumped down the steps. I booked it towards the woods. I dodged tree trunks, branches and rocks. I continued running. I started getting tired.

"No Bella, keep going! Come on!" I breathly mumbled to myself frustrated.

I kept running till I got to a road. I looked down the road and saw a car driving down the road. I stepped out onto the road until a rock hard arm gripped my waist and hoisted me up.

"Not so fast, baby girl." He hissed in my ear.

*End of flashback*

After that day I didnt try to escape again. I still have all the marks from that days beating. I was so thankful when my dad and brothers found me after two years of being tortured and toyed with.

I had to take pills to sleep, to help my anxiety and paranoia, and a inhaler to help when panic attacks happen and its all because of him and his selfish needs.

After the incident or whatever you call it, my brothers became more protective of me. Always having at least one of them in my classes or walking beside me and even waiting by the girls bathroom. They even stay in my room when I sleep or shower or use the restroom. They are way too overbearing but I love my brothers a lot. They helped a lot during panic attacks, nightmares, and my anxiety. They reassured me of my safety and promised to never let him hurt me again.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Mr.Chocolate picking me up and carrying me to his car.

"Where the fück do you think you are going with my daughter?!" Dad yelled after Mr. Chocolate.

"With me, were she will be safe instead of here. And you know I can keep her safe unlike you." Mr. Chocolate coldly said towards my dad.

Father glared at him and all Mr. Chocolate did was flick him off.

He gently put me in the passenger seat and buckled me in. He went around and got in the drivers seat. He buckled up and turned the ignition on and speed off leaving my angry brothers and father standing there.

I stared at my family till I couldnt see them anymore. I turned to Mr. Chocolate and saw he was already looking at me.

"Your safe now, principessa." His hand found my thigh and squeezed it gently. For the rest of the drive he caressed my thigh and with that I fell asleep.


I know, I know

Your probably wondering where the hell I was at for like a month. Well you see, you probably don't care so never mind.

I updated at least so be happy and smile. Wtf I sound demanding lmao .

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