So while they are going to next and Melodey are still walking around the woods....

Melodey:Sooo..wat are we suppose to be going

Cassie:I dont know

Melodey:Well can we atleast go back to shcool

Cassie:*scoffs*Shcool.....i know all about it

Melodey:Really...Well can you teach me socail studies

Cassie:Sure...what days

Melodey:Well maybe after shcool i really have nothing eles to do them days

Cassie:Okay.....You see that*stops an stare*

Melodey:I don't think we should-gets cut off

Cassie:Lets go see

Melodey:No!! we need to go back now*grabs her hand*

Cassie:Okay..Dang(Her Pov.Why is she grabing so tight i really want to go back to shcool)

Back at shcool.

Gentry:Cassie is in trouble..Lets go

Kenneth:C'mon..Brian you comin

Brian:Nall..Yall go

Kenneths nods his head an him an gentry storm off....back with me

Cassie:Can you let me go

Melodey:No!!*squeezes tighter*

??:Well,Well,Well Melodey looks like you didn't leave

Melodey:*whispers to me*Go go just leave dont look back

Cassie:Not without you

Melodey:Were both human we cant out run them

Cassie:Wanna bet*grabs Melodey an run*

During that gentry an kenneth run into them....

Gentry:Omg we found you*hugs her*C'mon*gives melodey the death look*

Cassie:My arm*lifts her sleeve*

Gentry:What have you done


Cassie:You said you where lied*holding her arm*Ouchhh

Kenneth:Let me see*holds her arm*.....

Cassie:What is it...Kenneth

Kenneth:......*falls out* baby

Melodey:Get him out of here


We leave melodey standing rite there...and moments later she disappeared!

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