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Hello, it's the author here and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has read my book and made wonderful comments throughout and yes, your votes made me very happy as well.

I know many of you might not have liked the way the story ended with them being together but that was just the way it was and I know a lot of people still don't like Kerrick but I'm okay with that, this story wasn't about liking him. It was about two strangers from totally different worlds who lived different lives crossing paths.

Meeting Kerrick was a wakeup call for Delancy who was too willing to give up her own happiness for others because she had never met someone who could be as 'cruel' as Kerrick.

Kerrick only knew how to be cold and distant because that was how the world felt and looked to him. He couldn't appreciate Delancy's kindness without questioning it first and doubting her intentions, but his worst problem was his inner childishness, the helplessness that he feared and drove him to hurt Delancy many times. He pitied himself and longed for the strength Delancy so easily exuded through her sheer will.

These contrasting factors were what made their love so strong because Kerrick had never seen true selflessness and Delancy selfishness.

They clung to each other with curiosity and love.

Kerrick, unknown to Delancy, was as puzzled by her behavior as she was of his during their first months of marriage. Ice wasn't in her eyes and she wasn't cold to him when he was harsh to her.

That was what made him pity himself so much, the fact that he couldn't break her and she wasn't afraid or angry at him.

Kerrick who had been sad all his life was happy in the end and Delancy found her true place with him.

Well that's it! Thank you again for all who read this story and ❤❤❤

Good News​!

I'm planning on posting two bonus chapters soon so look out for them!

They're just something special for my loyal, overwhelming audience. I love you guys so much so stay tuned!!! 🎉

Bye 😘



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