"Are you ready ?," Enrico asked. We were on our way to the airport at the back of Enricos limo. I nod with a smile and check for my passport and tickets just in case I forget them. I was so excited for this trip, since it will be my second time out of the country, and I'm mostly excited because I could finally have a holiday.

" Once we arrived, we have a meeting to attend and then we can check in to the hotel."

" Alright, I've prepared everything. "

We arrived in under 10 minutes and we checked in our luggage. I didn't carry many things, just a small luggage and one hand bag.

We are traveling first class since that was what enrico wanted and he didn't want to wait too long since he had unfinished business. We were served with drinks while waiting for the plane to get ready. This was paradise and a dream come true. We actually looked like two people going on a holiday instead of a business trip. Enrico had specifically request my most comfortable-traveling outfit. So I opted for a crop top with a brown cardigan and a wash dark blue jeans, while Enrico decided to ditch the suit, he chose some beige cargo pants and a polo blue shirt. It was weird that he allowed us to dress like this.

I mean I didn't dare to question him, after all he was the boss at our floor, and Mr. Grandeur seems to fancy him

I felt a change in the atmosphere and I began to worry. This was not an unfamiliar shift, I knew well who was in the room. This might sound crazy, but I could smell him. He always have that certain aura that he carries.

I searched for him and I saw him walked toward us with large powerful stride. My heart panic a little. He looked so hot that every women in the room actually stop what they were doing at stare at him. But his eyes only looked at mine and I blushed fifthy shades of pink.

Enrico must had noticed him approaching as well and he went rigid. "Enrico," Jesse nod politely and turn his eyes back on me. " Amelia can I talk to you for a second".

Enrico nodded back at him and he smile at me. I excuses myself and we moved to the adjoining private room for meeting, maybe more like he cornered me to the room.

" Your top ! ," he hissed .

"It's called crop top, and it's design to look like this " I replied back sarcastically.

He didn't like my tone.

"I can see that, your stomach is practically bare for everyone to see," another hissed, "was this even a business trip?"

I sigh in annoyance.

"My point is cover it , " He rephrased.

"Use my sweater you will still look gorgeous with it ."

" What? No!." I responded a bit loud, I glance around, glad that no one looked except Enrico. Who was practically hazing worriedly through the glass divisor.

I was about to reassure him with an I'm-okay smile, but Jesse snapped me out of it.

" Yes! Wear it," he emphasized to clarify his intention. I didn't feel like arguing with him now, so I decided to go with what he wanted.

Control Freak!

I sigh and took the sweater from him.

" Wear it now."

Another sigh came out as I put on the sweater. It was warm and comfy and it smell like him. I actually didn't regret wearing it. I watched him for a second and curse myself for doing it, he's so hot. Why does he had to be a hot piece of ass. He was practically sex on legs

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