Tobias Pov:


I was silently laughing my butt off so I don't disturb Tris. I can feel her breathe steadies against my shirt. Her breath, although hot, makes me feel a chill of electricity.

Maybe we were mean't for each other...

After the movie, the guys decided to prank our girlfriend. They have all either cried to sleep, or fell alsleep with terrified faces, except for Tris which made her look happy, even through all that had happened to her on her 1st full week of school. A kidnapp, an attack, teasing (Molly), looks of jealousy or discust (mostly from Cara or Lauren), and all of that.

We go into the fridge and grab 4 cans of cheez whip and cream whip. I placed some on Tris's hand, some around her lips, and some cheez whips in her hair.

After putting the cheese whips in her hair, she started scratching that specific area and then the other parts of her head leaving a smear of cheez whips everywhere her hand traveled. I muffled a laugh as she slept with cheez whip in her hair and Whip Cream on her hand and lips. I am temped to put my lips to hers.

The door opened to a deternined Lynn with rope, flashlights,  and all that crap. She closes the door with a thud, and Shauna, Marlene, and Christina wake up with clown face. I had to resist the urge to laugh because something serious is happening.

Lynn takes out a blueprint showing us a plan. She puts on a serious, and determined face, but I can see right through it. She is pisses and sad. "We are going to avenge Tris. We are going to prank Al, Drew, and Peter" As she said Peter her voice cracked. Lynns voice rarely cracks.

She puts the blueprint pn the table and I study the plans. There is so much exact measuring and planning. When did Lynn become a genius????!!!

"Damn LYNN! WHEN DO YOU GET SMART!!!" Uriah and Zeke exclaimed

Lynn was too broken down to throw something at them.

Well thank god she is. Not trying to sound mean but she grabs whatever she can find that is closest to her. THe closest thing to her was a lamp and thorny roses in a glass vase.

 "Lynn," I start to confess "there is something you might want to know" she stares at me intently.

"Peter and Drew. They were under a sim. I was about to tell everyone but then you walked out."

She doesn't seem fazed "Someone made them do it" Still not fazed, she turned her back to us

I am confused. "Well?" You still aren't going to forgive- him?" 

She whips her head back. "Oh! So you don't care about Tris?!? She could have DIED!"

We turn our heads to the sound of a mumble. Tris is saying something.


It hurts to see Tris suffering. I let her head lay on my lap.

"Well? Anyone with me?" Lynn demands

Shauna, Zeke, Marlene, Uriah, Will and Christina raise their hands. They look at me expectantly.

I look at Tris on my lap, she looks so peaceful.

But then she is fragile.

People can break her.

I can break her.

I can be broken.

I am broken.

I stand up slowly and walked to the group. "I'm in."


Sorry guys! I had to figure out some stuff for this chapter, and I was thinking of future chapters.



This story will be as accurate as I can.

This story will somehow change into divergent, ALOT but changed so I do not break copyright rules.

There will be additional characters, LATER!

There will be some swearing, BE WARN!!!

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