Gabes POV:

"Im fine, where is Riley?" I say to Richard

But im not fine. Someone was in here trying to suffocate me. I just need Riley and to get the hell out of here.

"I told her to leave" Richard says 

"I need her" I say running out and walking home


"Gabe!" She says as I walk into her house "You cant be here." She says pulling me into her room

"Its been forever since I have been in here" I say to her lying down on her bed

"Gabe, seriously you need to-" But before she can continue Seth yells for her wiggling the door handle and I hide in her closet

"Yes?" She says to Seth

"Everything ok?" Richard just called and told me everything

"What did he say?" She asks looking at me in her closet

"I know Gabe is back." Seth says

Riley signals me to walk out of her closet, so I do.

"You" Seth says staring me down "Bastard" He says punching me to the ground

"Seth!" Riley yells trying to pull him off

Then Greg walks in pulling him off of me

"Riley" Greg says "Get Gabe cleaned up"

She pulling me to her bathroom as she cleans the cuts he gave me on my cheek

"Im so sorry. I didnt know he was-" She says but I stop her with a kiss

"Riley, dont ever be sorry. I love you" I tell her as she starts to tear up "You alright?"

"Gabe.." She says "We cant have children? I am not even sure that we are going to get out of the hell" She says

"Children?" I ask as if she meant plurall

"Yes, Gabe kids two" She says looking at me

I had no words. I was going to have twins. Two kids of my own.

"No matter what happens. Nothing will hurt these kids" I say kissing her

"Gabe" She says as she stops kissing me "I love you so much" Then she starts kissing me again


Rileys POV:

"Hello?" I say as I answer my phone

"Riley, its your father" 

"Richard?" I ask confused

"No" The other line says

I felt my heart stop. And everything fall around me.


"Its to late now, I mean whats a family without a brother?" He says and I look around for Seth or Greg

"Where is he?" I say grabbing Gabe and telling him to get in the car

"Exactly where I put him in a coma. We'll where are put both of them" He says hinting at Greg and Seth

Then the phone hung up. Me and Gabe get in the car and start driving. I call Richard

"Hello?" He says

"Its my dad. He is going to do something to Seth and Greg I am scared" I say to him 

"Im coming hang in there. I will get all the help I can" He says hanging up

I put down the phone and look over at Gabe driving

"Gabe?" I say he has no words or emotion in his face what so ever

"Riley" He says tearing up a bit "I cant lose my brother again"

"Neither of us can." I say as he stops the car 

"What the hell?" Gabe says putting it in park "Stay in the car" Then he gets out walking towards something I still couldnt see right

Gabe kneeled down and a man with a mask came up behind him trying to kill him.

"GABE!" I say getting out

"Riley, go!" Gabe yells and then the man knocks him out and comes after me

"No" I say running off and turning then I see Richard and Richard shoots the man 

I hold Richard so hard from all my fear

"Riley, no matter what. You will always be my daughter" Richard says hugging me "You dont have to forgive me. I was pretty bad then" 

"Thank you dad" I say feeling comfort in him

We run over to Gabe and check his pulse.

I took off the mask of the man

"DAD!" I yell as Richard walks over to me

"Oh my god" He says holding me away from the person

This isnt real....


Who was it?!?!?!?

And I will say one thing Richard is a GOOD guy. Dont want any confusion

Stay Beautiful xoxo

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