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Chris's POV

Me - Ricky, You need to get some pizza, I'm starving.

I need something to eat, like I'll die if I don't have something in my hand I could eat. Ricky is out supposedly getting some movies, we live with each other for a few more months because he got evicted from his apartment. My phone vibrates in my hand making me check it, that was fast, especially for him.

?? - Same here, pizza with pasta sounds pretty damn good right about now. But, sorry, wrong kik.

The fuck? There's no way I texted the wrong person, right? I look at the name of the person only to see '💀Halloween bitches🎃' I can't stop myself from laughing, that user is awesome.

Me- Fuck, sorry. By the way, awesome user, Halloween rules.

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - You're cool, I don't mind, I'm just hungry now. Thanks, at least someone has good taste in food and holidays.

I look at their account, seeing a beautiful girl as their picture. She has blue eyes and long black hair, black makeup, pale with kissable lips and a black vertical labret piercing like mine. She's very beautiful, I haven't seen anyone like her. I also see a black collar around her small pale throat.

Me - Yeah, well, Halloween is literally my life. It's hard not to love it, I'm Chris, what's your name?

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - I'm Hunter. Nice to meet ya, Chris.

Me - Unique name, I like it. So, how old are you?

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - Thanks, I'm 27 next August. You?

Me - 31 this October.


I laugh, I like this girl, she's cute. She reminds me of a Little, I like it. I wonder if she knows the band. Hmm..

Me - It's not all that, but it can be fun. Tell me about yourself.

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - Yeah, right. Being a Halloween baby would be so fun, costumes and candy every Halloween, plus you could prank lots of people. It'd be a blast.

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - And, I'm not special. I'm between jobs, I literally just sit around watching cartoons and eating pasta. But I really love music, it's something I'm very passionate about, I will fucking snap if someone insults what I listen to. What about you?

Me - I love music, I'm very passionate about it too. What are you into?

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - Oh, you just unleashed something bad. Prepare for spam.

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - Black Veil Brides

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - Kuza

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - Dead Girls Academy

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - Vampires Everywhere

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - Aiden

💀Halloween bitches🎃 - Linkin Park

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