I have another daughter?

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Chibbs P.O.V

I was working on a car when gemma came to me

"Chibby there a young lady asking for you by your birth name love"

I got up wiped my hands and followed gemma to where the girl is and she is shaking and biting her thumb I feel a connection to her but don't know why so when she asks to speak privately I walk her to dorm and she hesitates so I encourage her and wait for her to speak.

She hands me a birth certificate and I look at it while listening to her speak she shocks me by what she has been through then she breaks down telling me some bastard raped her I feel so angry that someone would do that and what makes it worse is she hadnt had sex before and now she is gonna be scarred then happy openes the door saying church and the little girl wipes her eyes still sniffling slightly as we walk to the main room and I can tell she is uncomfortable so she asks me to come to hers after church I reply "I'll see you later lovie"

But what she says next makes me melt slightly "okay dad"

I watch her walk away and walk into church to everyone watching me

Happy asks "why was you hugging that hot chick?"

I glared at him "that hot chick I just found out is my daughter and she was being hugged cuz she told me what that bastard, her mother's boyfriend did to her" I growl out

Happy looks angry "what he do?"

"That fucker took her virginity and forced himself on her"

He now looks livid and says "that bastard is going to die slowly"

I nod in response "and so will her mother brother no-one is gonna be hitting my child and getting away with it"

They all not in agreement

"So what's church for today?"

I look at clay

"Well firstly was to find out who the girl was and also gemma said that the fundraiser is tomorrow and wants everyone there so chibbs that means your daughter as well okay?"

"I'll ask I'm going to hers soon"

"I'm coming too" happy says

Everyone agrees wanting to go so we all ride out to the address

As we approach the house we are all shocked the house is huge.

We all stop the bikes and walk to the door and ring the bell we hear a voice saying doors open and come to the kitchen so we all walk through trying to find the kitchen following the music we all top in the doorway watching her dance and cook spinning to get the pizza out and shimmying to the side then the song changed and she starts to sing along while stirring something in a bowl then putting it in a pizza tray and calling out
"Do u all eat meat?"

"Yeah apart from half-sack he is a vege"

"Okay well Mr vege come here first and pick ya toppings"

So he goes and does his pizza and she puts it in the oven

"Dad what toppings come pick"

I walk over and look at what she has and make my pizza and go to go back while she puts it in the oven

" guys I'll do ya pizzas but once it's in the oven go down the stairs at the back to the game room okay? Next"

I say " happy"

He walks over grunts what he wants the goes where she said


He does the same trying to flirt and gets nothing in return it's kinda amusing







They all go to the room she said and I go down there and I'm shocked

We all take in the room confused as to why she would have a room like a man cave so we relax and wait for dinner

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We all take in the room confused as to why she would have a room like a man cave so we relax and wait for dinner.

Isabella's P.O.V

I finish cooking the food and place them on the table with a beer at each and a shot of whisky then start calling them up.










I listen to them running up and point to their seats as they enter the room.

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