a day in my life

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My mum and step dad are arguing again I no better than to go out of my room when this happens but today I have to go school, I'm 16 and I'm doing my surgical degree I skipped a lot of grades in school I started uni at 14 and I'm glad that I can finally get a job soon and move away from here.

My mum and step dad are arguing again I no better than to go out of my room when this happens but today I have to go school, I'm 16 and I'm doing my surgical degree I skipped a lot of grades in school I started uni at 14 and I'm glad that I can fi...

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I get dressed and walk to the kitchen hoping to go unnoticed but that doesn't work he spots me

"Oi you worthless peice of shit get me a beer!" He shouts at me so I dash to the kitchen and get him a beer out of the fridge and walk to him passing it to him.

As I turn around to leave he grabs my ass but it's normal so I just walk away and leave for my class, I'm glad I just have 3 more weeks till I can leave and move away.

After my test I walk back home hoping he is gone but I see his car in the drive so I sneak past him and my mother and go up to my room without being seen and close my door.

I finish some of my assignments and send them to my teacher and then jump in the shower and change into my sleepwear hoping the house will be empty when I get out.

Once finished I put on my bed shorts and tank top and walk downstairs to the kitchen I clean up the bottles and rubbish then cook dinner putting some on the side for my mother and her boyfriend.

When I finish eating I walk to the living room and see him passed out and my mother nowhere in sight so I tidy up the mess and walk back to my room.

When he wakes up he starts yelling at my mum calling her a bitch and slag I guess she slept with someone else again.

Then I hear him banging and mum scream then go quite and the front door slamming so I guess one of them left I'm hoping it was him but knowing it probably wasn't.

I hear my door open and someone walk in my room so I pretend to be asleep.

I feel the bed dip down next to me and I don't move knowing if I try to stop him he gets violent thank God he hasn't raped me but has done everything else to me .

I feel his hand run up my side and grab my boob and he squeezes it and pushes me on my back I keep pretending to sleep in the hope that he doesn't try getting a reaction from me.

He pushes my top up showing my boobs and squeezes one while sucking on the other and moving his other hand down my stomach towards my panties and under the fabric and down to my clit rubbing it then moving his fingers through my folds and pushing his finger towards my opening I tense my body which he realises I'm not asleep so he bites my boob and I cry out In pain and he pushed a finger into my vag roughly making me cry out again and he pumps it In and out slowly then adds a second finger by this time I have tears in my eyes and he moves to my other boob I try pushing him off but he removes his hands and grabs his belt tying my hands to the headboard of my bed.

he then rips off my top chucking it and starts playing with my boobs sucking and biting on one and squeezing the other then swapping over then he starts kissing down my stomach to my shorts and pulls them off I try crossing my legs but he stops me forcing them open and kneeling between them ripping my underwear off me and starts fingering my vag again at first it's one finger then he adds another then another stretching me and when he gets bored of that he starts to suck and lick my folds while playing with my clit my body invollentary heating up causing me to moan.

Him taking that as I'm enjoying it pushes down his jeans and boxes so I try shouting for him to stop "please don't do this please don't I'm a virgin" I say crying and his response is

"You will enjoy this then I'll show you how a man takes a woman" then he pushes his dick inside me making me scream and he pulls out slamming back inside me making me scream again and again in till he releases inside me then he makes me turn so im on my stomach and lefts up my bottom half making me lift onto my knees, he slaps my arse and i cry out him taking that as i like it he forces his dick in my vag again making me cry out it hurting more than the last time and he slams into me slowly over and over then speeds up until he is ramming into me too fast and grabbing my hips too tightly pulling me onto his dick hard and fast and he keeps going even when i slump giving up untill he releases his seed into me again then he rolls off of me walking out of the room leaving me to cry.

After about half hour I hear the front door shut and the car leave so I get up wincing from the pain and walk into my bathroom showering and scrubbing my skin to get all his filthy germs off of me.

I get dressed and grab my suit cases and pack all of my clothes and shoes and all of my things. I break my wall where my safe is and get my passport and keys to my car and all the money my grandparents gave me then lastly I pick up the envelope with my birth fathers name and address in.

I open the envelope and look at it. My fathers name address and my real birth certificate then a note from my grandfather

To Isabella
If you have found this note it means it has become too much to live in the same house as your mother and that you wish to seek out your real father to do this I have given you your passport and a bank card with your inheritance and the things left to you from your grandmother's and my will you already have a house near where your father lives and in the storage locker that the keys belong to are your car and bike we both wish you well and hope you have a happy life

We love you

love grandma and grandpa
X x x

I was crying by the end of the letter my grandpa always said he would be there especially when mum started drugs and bringing home boyfriend's.

I sat there for a while 're reading the letter then made up my mind I'm going to find my father and start over.

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